Join the IEEE

When you join IEEE, you join a community of over 425,000 technology and engineering professionals united by a common desire to continuously learn, interact, collaborate, and innovate. IEEE Membership provides you with the resources and opportunities you need to keep on top of changes in technology; get involved in standards development; network with other professionals in your local area or within a specific technical interest; mentor the next generation of engineers and technologists, and so much more.

You can select to join technical societies as well (e.g. Computer Society). When you join IEEE you will automatically become a member of the Section and the relevant chapters within the Section. Some benefits to all members are listed on the IEEE Membership site. In addition, local benefits include:

  • Participation in the many technical events held in SA, AND reduced priced tickets to social events, e.g. Annual Lecture and Dinner.
  • Able to be nominated for the IEEE SA Section awards.
  • Networking with other engineers within industry and academia in SA.

Elevating your Membership

Visit the Member Elevation page to find out more information about upgrading your membership, e.g. Member to Senior Member. If you are interested in upgrading to Senior Member or Fellow, please let the Section know ([email protected]) as we can assist with the application (e.g. references). Also please remember to indicate the Section in the nomination form, as every successful Senior Member nomination results in a rebate for the Section.