IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) is one of the largest international professional organisations dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists and inspiring girls worldwide to follow their academic interests to a career in engineering.

Committee Members 2024

  • Chair: Anika Talukder
  • Vice Chair: Munirah Hadzic
  • Secretary:  Abigail Wicks
  • Treasurer: Anna Holland

Our local group can be contacted via email at (We are currently updating our email please contact us using [email protected])

Join us to Change the Face of Engineering in South Australia!

STEM Workshop for Country School Girls

Every year, the WIE group (made up of women engineers, scientists and university students) visit a rural high school to inspire girls to develop an aptitude and interest in STEM before they choose their subjects for Year 11 and 12. The STEM workshop encourages students to study science and math subjects that lead to STEM undergraduate courses, and STEM careers.

For more information, volunteering, collaboration and sponsorship please contact [email protected]

STEM Workshop 2024 – To Be Announced

STEM Workshop Overview Flyer

STEM Workshop in Kangaroo Island 2021

Some of the activities we have done in the past include:

  • Sound Through Light

Build a circuit to demonstrate the changing form of energy using everyday materials.

  • Light and Colour

This workshop composes of two small activities that focus on Optics:

  1. Create a ‘hologram projector’ using reflective clear plastic.
  2. Sort coloured candies using coloured filters and torches.
  • DC Motor

The students create a simple DC Motor using Copper coils, magnets, battery, and paper clips.

  • Game Controller

Students are given an objective to design and create a prototype game controller for a person with disabilities using the craft materials provided.

  • Zumo Robot

Students are given a short one-hour course on programming using Arduino Software to program the Flinduino microcontrollers to control their robot to go through a maze.

  • Teacher PD – in any of the STEM activities we can deliver

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