The Joint Communications and Signal Processing Chapter is an IEEE body set up to assist the local technical community by providing relevant seminars and conferences in the broad fields of Communications and Signal Processing.

Committee Members

  • Chair: Luke Balzan
  • Vice-Chair: Vacant
  • Secretary: Vacant
  • Treasurer: Brian Ng

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Latest news:

WCET Certification Exam

Dear All,

I’d like to draw your attention to an initiative by the IEEE Communications Society which is available to IEEE members and non-members alike. This is a training and certification program called WCET. WCET stands for Wireless Communication Engineering Technologies. The web-site for this ( says

“with the IEEE WCET certification, professionals will be able to clearly demonstrate their knowledge of wireless communication technologies to employers or change engineering fields as new opportunities arise in the wireless industry.

Vendor-neutral and trans-national in scope, the IEEE WCET certification program’s focus is explicitly on the knowledge and on-the-job experience that a practicing wireless communications professional needs to possess in order to pass the WCET exam. Nothing testifies more to the international nature of the program than the breadth of industry participation at all stages of the development process.”

Do have a further look at this because it is great initiative by the IEEE ComSoc and could be very useful to you too. The registration deadline for the upcoming IEEE WCET exam is the 28th of February. Exams will be given between 16 March and 4 April. The round of exams after this are in December. For more information, visit

Kind regards, Irena


Dr Irena Atov

IEEE ComSoc Educational Activities Working Group