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Joint Technical Program – Renewable Energy Talk

November 24, 2021 @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Presentation 1: Neoen’s Upcoming Renewable Energy Projects for South Australia Synopsis: Neoen is an Independent Power Producer specializing in large-scale renewable energy projects, which includes large-scale wind, solar, and storage projects. In addition, Neoen is exploring future opportunities in hydrogen – particularly here in South Australia. Currently, Neoen’s total capacity in operation and under construction is over 4.8 GW, and it aims for more than 10 GW by 2025. This presentation will provide an update on Neoen’s upcoming renewable energy and hydrogen projects with a focus on South Australia. It will also discuss the broad context of some international projects of Neoen. Presentation 2: The foundations of a renewable energy system – understanding load requirements and energy modelling for Off-Grid Applications Synopsis: One of the most overlooked tasks of implementing a successful renewable off-grid system is the accurate load assessment of a property or application. Incorrect calculations or missing data can lead to oversizing or under-sizing of the equipment resulting in poor financial outcomes or worse, unreliable power supply. This presentation will cover a basic introduction to energy load assessment and modelling, including data collection, energy and power calculations and how this information is used to select appropriate solar, battery and inverter equipment for an off-grid system. Co-sponsored by: IET, EA, TelSoc, IEEE SA, IEEE PES SA chapter, IEEE UniSA Student Branch Speaker(s): Megan, Sean LePoidevin Room: Lecture Theatre Ground Floor, Bldg: Eleanor Harrald Building, Lot Fourteen, Lecture Theatre Ground Floor, Frome Road,, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, 5000, Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/289822