The Young Professionals group of the IEEE Victorian Section was formed in 2013. We represent engineers, computer scientists, technology experts and ICT professionals and researchers in Victoria. We have a strong presence in Melbourne to support recently graduated IEEE members, bridging the gap between engineering students and professional engineer. We are an inspired and active team of volunteers who are working together with the industrial professionals to bring out technical seminars and awareness sessions, industrial tours, social and networking events.

The committee for 2021-2022 is as:


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Notable Achievements

  • IEEE Victorian YP Vice-Chair (2021-2022) Ms Anu Sabu appointed to the R10 YP Committee
  • Recipient of IEEE STEP Funding 2021
  • IEEE Victorian YP Chair (2021-2022) Mr Vijay S Paul won the IEEE MGA (Global) Young Professional Achievement Award 2020
  • Recipient of IEEE Asia-Pacific (R10) initiatives Grant 2013
  • Recipient of IEEE Asia-Pacific (R10) initiatives Grant 2014

Notable Events

  • Career Advisory Networking Dinner
  • Soft skills and management workshops
  • Annual Engineering Career Expo

IEEE Young Professionals or previously known as Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) is an international community of enthusiastic, dynamic, and innovative members and volunteers. IEEE YP is committed to helping young professionals, who graduated within the last decade, evaluate their career goals, enhance their professional image, and create the platform for a lifelong and diverse professional network. Benefits of the IEEE YP members include:

  • Technical seminars, webinars and workshops (latest technologies, career development and exploration, personal management, building non-technical skills)
  • Professional networking opportunities
  • Career opportunities & career resources
  • Peer connection
  • Local social activities
  • Leadership opportunities and awards

Since its launch in 1996, IEEE Young Professionals has always focused on providing young professionals with information, resources and opportunities for their skill and career development and social expansion. The group always promotes a well-balanced professional life and operates around the non-technical aspects of engineering: professionalism, personal development, community involvement. Since then, the committee has worked hard to create a platform to meet the experienced industrial mentors from different fields and exchange ideas that would lead towards technical and non-technical initiatives and collaborations. Also we always encourage recent graduates to join us and develop crucial leadership skills and ability to work in teams.