IEEE Victorian Section is an organisation that is part of a global organisation of 430,000+ members dedicated to advancing technology for humanity. The IEEE Victorian Section was founded in 1975 as a subsection of the Australian Section and became an independent section in 1983. The Tasmanian Sub-Section is also a part of the Victorian Section. The Section serves more than 2000 members of the IEEE. There are 17 chapters and 3 affinity groups covering topics of interest from Engineering in Medicine and Biology, Social Implications of Technology, Women in Engineering to Young Professionals and much more. The chapters and groups organize more than 100 meetings per year. The Victorian Section also comprises of numerous student branches which organise their own events related to student leadership and technical advancement. In addition to the IEEE organization activities, the Victorian Section organises and sponsors several major conferences in any given year, as well as short courses and technical training. The Victorian Section publishes a weekly e-newsletter and the Uplink online magazine 3 times a year.

The Victorian Section also offers social programs such as the Section annual meeting, networking events, industry engagement events and other non-technical professional activities to round out the local events.

Sections within the global IEEE picture

IEEE is divided into ten worldwide geographic regions. Within the regions, there are local sections (in our case the Victorian Section), chapters, and affinity groups. IEEE members automatically become members of their local Section. The Victorian Section is part of Region 10 (Asia-Pacific), and is of  the Australia Council. Up until its formation it was originally part of the original Australia Section. The geographic area responsibility of this section covers Victoria and Tasmania, with most activity around the city of Melbourne.

History of the IEEE Victorian Section

The IEEE Victorian Section began originally as a sub-section in 1975 to the then ‘Australia Section’. It was primarily driven by staff from the now historic Telecom Australia (Telstra) Research Laboratories located in Clayton. The 1975 IEEE President, Arthur Stern, visited Australia in October 1975. In late 1975, as a result of an earlier petition, the Victorian Sub-Section was formed. The Victorian sub-section was active for around 3 years, and then became dormant. The old sub-section was rejuvenated and was re-formed as a Section on 12 August 1983. Colin Kline was the first Student Branch Councillor at the Ballarat College of Advanced Education (now known as the University of Ballarat), circa 1983.

THE IEEE Australia-New Zealand Student Congress (ANZSCON) was held in Melbourne from 24-26 November 2010. This inaugural event was designed to promote networking and interaction between IEEE student members from Australia and New Zealand. Distinguished guests included Joseph V. Lillie, IEEE Treasurer and Executive Committee member, and Gordon W. Day, IEEE President-Elect for 2011.


IEEE Region 10

  • 1968 – Creation of IEEE Region 10. Chair of steering committee and founding Director Shigeo Shima (Japan)
  • 1977 – James J. Vasseleu (NSW) appointed Region 10 Director
  • 1980 – First Region 10 Technical Conference (TenCon) held in Hong Kong
  • 1983 – Harry E. Green (SA) appointed Region 10 Director. Alan J. Gibbs (Victorian Section committee) Region 10 Secretary/Treasurer
  • 2007 – Janina Mazierska (Past Chair, North Queensland Section) appointed Region 10 Director(first female incumbent)

IEEE In Australia

  • 1972 – IEEE Australian Section established in Sydney (Aug 16). James J. Vasseleu founding section chair.
  • 1976 – Victorian Sub-Section approved by HQ, but nil recorded activity until 1981.
  • 1981 – Victorian Sub-Section re-established (Oct 20)
  • 1983 – Victorian Sub-Section becomes Section (Aug 12)
  • 1984 – WA Section formed (May 24)
  • 1985 – Queensland Section formed (Feb 22), IEEE Australia Council established (May 30), Former Australian Section renamed NSW Section(May 30), SA Section formed (Aug 23)
  • 1988 – ACT Section formed (Nov 18).
  • 1994 – North Queensland Section formed (Jan 29)
  • 2008 – Former North Queensland Section renamed North Australia Section
  • 2009 – Tasmanian Sub-Section formed within Victorian Section (Feb 14)

IEEE In Victoria/Tasmania

  • 1975 – Petition circulated for the formation of a Victorian Sub-Section of the (then) Australian Section. The Petition was subsequently approved, but there is no record of local activity until 1981.
  • 1981 – Victorian Sub-Section re-formed following a Special General Meeting held in Melbourne (October 20). One hundred and fourteen (114) Victorian Section members in attendance, together with Max J. Simons representing the Australian Section. Brian G. Love (IBM Australia) was confirmed as Interim Sub-Section Chair.
  • First formal meeting of IEEE Victorian Sub-Section Committee (December).
  • 1982 – IEEE President Robert W. Larson visits Victoria. Larson also presented a lecture on Control Theory before a meeting of Victorian Sub-Section.
  • 1983 – IEEE Victorian Sub-Section upgraded to Section status (Aug 12).
  • Symposium on Women in Engineering and Computer Science held in Melbourne (Aug 23), jointly sponsored by IEEE Victorian Section and IEAust. Electrical & Communications Engineering Branch, Victoria Division. This was (arguably) the first women-in-engineering event of its type held in Australia.
  • 1984 – IEEE Centennial Medals awarded to Prof. Douglas G. Lampard (Monash U.) and Ian P. Bates (SECV).
  • Visit of IEEE President James B. Owens and General Manager Eric Herz
  • First issue of Victorian Section Newsletter (no masthead title). Anthony E. Gascoigne, editor.
  • Communications Chapter established (Apr 4); L. John Millott (Telecom Australia) founding chair. This was the first technical chapter of IEEE in Victoria.
  • Inauguration of EEEVIC inter-society cooperative scheme on initiative of IEEE Victorian Section.
  • 1985 – Computer Chapter established (Jul 8). Prof. Peter C. Poole (University of Melbourne) founding chair.
  • 1986 – First issue of Victorian Section Journal Uplink (June). Anthony E. Gascoigne, editor.
  • 1988 – Power Engineering Chapter (later Power & Energy Chapter) established (Jan 19). Harry McDonald (CitiPower) founding chair.
  • 1989 – Death of Brian G. Love, founding Section Chair (May 17).
  • 1990 – Engineering Management (later Technology Management) Chapter established (May 14). Robin A. Court (Telecom Australia) founding chair.
  • 1991 – Victorian Section membership passes 1000.
  • Raymond A. Jarvis elected IEEE Fellow on nomination by Victorian Section.
  • 1992 – Region 10 Technical Conference (TenCon’92) held in Melbourne (Nov 11-13). Kevin Forward (University of Melbourne) and Bala S. Kumble (Telecom Australia) joint conference chairs. This was the first TenCon held in Australia.
  • 1993 – 100th committee meeting of IEEE Victorian Section (April)
  • 1994 – First issue of revamped section newsletter Uplink** (March). Chris W. Dobson, editor.
  • Death of Prof. Douglas G. Lampard (Sep 01). Lampard was a member of the original IEEE Australian Section committee, a founding member of Victorian Sub-Section and Section committees, and an IEEE Centennial Medallist.
  • 1995 – Visit of IEEE President Tom Cain with Past President H. Troy Nagle (date)
  • 1996 – Dalma Novak (University of Melbourne) elected Section Chair (first female incumbent).
  • 1997 – Communications Chapter wins the IEEE Chapter of the Year Award 1997. Award later presented to 1997 Chapter Chair Enn Vinnal at Sections Congress ’99 in Vancouver.
  • 1998 – Rodney B. Waterhouse (RMIT University) appointed as the first Student Activities coordinator in Victorian section.
  • EMBS Chapter formed (May 28). Brian J. Lithgow (Monash University) founding chair. AP/MTT Chapter formed (Jun 19). James R. Scott (RMIT University) founding chair. ED/LEOS (later Electro-Optics) Chapter formed (Oct 7). Dalma Novak (University of Melbourne) founding chair.
  • Globecom’98 conference held in Sydney. Prof. Hugh Bradlow (Telstra) conference chair; Enn Vinnal (Victorian Section) conference secretary.
  • 1999 – Dalma Novak (immediate past Victorian Section Chair) elected Chair of IEEE Australia Council (first female incumbent).
  • University of Tasmania Student Branch formed (Dec 27). Nil recorded activity of this subunit to present date (2011).
  • 2000 – Eleven (11) Victorian Section members awarded IEEE Millennium Medals (see Appendix A). Certificates presented at a commemorative dinner in Carlton (Jun 16). 2001 Signal Processing Chapter formed (Dec 20). Robert Slaviero (Analog Devices) founding chair.
  • 2002 – Circuits & Systems Chapter formed (May 20). Jugdutt Singh (Victoria University) founding chair.
  • 2003 – Monash University Student Branch formed (Sep 12). Shamim S. Hossain founding chair.
  • Computational Intelligence Chapter formed (Dec 12). Nalamswami Mani (Monash University) founding chair.
  • 2004 – University of Melbourne Students WIE Affinity Group formed (Sep 21). Chia-Yin (Jennifer) Che founding chair.
  • 2005 – WIE Affinity Group formed (Jul 22). Irena Atov (Telstra) founding chair.
  • GOLD Affinity Group formed (Jul 31). Charlotte N. Marra founding chair.
  • Education Chapter formed (Sep 29). Iouri Belski (RMIT University) founding chair.
  • SSIT Chapter formed (Dec 9). Greg Adamson (ANZ Bank) founding chair.
  • TENCON’05 Conference held in Melbourne (Nov 22-24). Prof Hugh Bradlow (Telstra) conference chair; Enn Vinnal (Telstra) conference vice-chair. This was the fifth TenCon held in Australia and the second in Victoria.
  • 2006 – EMC Chapter formed (Jan 27). T. Malcolm Mulcare founding chair. WIE Affinity Group gets Honourable Mention in the 2006 Affinity Group of the Year competition.
  • RMIT Students WIE Affinity Group formed (Nov 2). Wai Chee Yau founding chair.
  • 2007 – University of Melbourne Student Branch formed (May 9). Peng Hao founding chair. SSIT Chapter upgraded to “Joint Australian Sections Chapter” hosted by Victorian Section (effective May 30)
  • 2008 – Twenty-fifth anniversary celebrations of IEEE Victorian Section (VIC25). Anniversary dinner held in Carlton (Sep 29). Distinguished guests included R10 Director Janina Mazierska and visiting DL fred. harris (UCSD).
  • Victoria University Student Branch formed (Sep 29). Leila Koushaeian founding chair
  • 2009 – Tasmanian Sub-Section formed (Feb 14). Greg P. Timms founding chair. One hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary celebrations of IEEE founding society (AIEE) Re-launch of section newsletter (Uplink series III) (May). Alan L. Harvey, editor. Irena Atov elected 2010 Chair of IEEE-WIE Standing Committee (global)
  • 2010 – Australia New Zealand Student Congress (ANZSCON 2010) held in Melbourne (Nov 25-26). VIP delegates included IEEE 2011 President-Elect Gordon W. Day. La Trobe University Student Branch formed . Eddie Custovic founding chair.
  • 2012 – Dr. Greg Adamson Elected as Chair of Victorian Section, Vehicular Technology Society formed – Dr. Mehran Ektesabi innagural chair
  • 2013 – Anthony Gascoigne elected as Chair of Victorian Section
  • 2014 – Joint Oceanic Engineering Chapter formed
  • 2015 – Edhem (Eddie) Custovic elected as Chair of Victorian Section,
  • 2016 – Alan Harvey elected Chair of the Section
  • 2020 – Mehrnaz Shoushtarian elected Chair of the Section

Past Section Officers

1976 – 1980 Victorian Sub-Section of IEEE Australia Section approved in 1976 but nil recorded activity of this unit. (Sub-Section officers unknown).
1981 (Oct.)Brian G. LoveK.S. VasudevaG. Norman BellG. Norman BellSub-Section still officially existed, but it was formally re-established at a Special General Meeting in Oct 1981.
1982Brian G. LoveK.S. Vasudeva (to Jun 1982)G. Norman BellG. Norman BellI.W. Meldrum Vice-Chair from Jul 1982
1983Brian G. LoveIvor W. Meldrum (to Oct 1983)G. Norman BellG. Norman BellVictorian Section approved on 12 Aug 1983. R.A. Court Vice-Chair from Oct 1983.
1984Brian G. LoveRobin A. CourtG. Norman BellG. Norman Bell
1985Robin A. CourtAnthony E. GascoigneJames P. Baker (to Jun 1985)James P. Baker (to Jun 1985)J.C. Campbell Secretary/Treasurer from Jul 1985
1986Robin A. CourtAnthony E. GascoigneJohn C. CampbellJohn C. Campbell 
1987Robin A. CourtAnthony E. GascoignePeter A. EvansPeter A. Evans 
1988L. John MillottAnthony E. GascoigneRobert A. PalmerRobert A. Palmer 
1989L. John MillottAnthony E. GascoigneRobert A. PalmerRobert A. Palmer 
1990Bala S. KumbleAnthony E. GascoigneJohn P. NakulskiJohn P. Nakulski 
1991Bala S. KumbleMichael K. MooreJohn P. NakulskiJohn P. Nakulski 
1992Bala S. KumbleMichael K. MooreJohn P. NakulskiJohn P. Nakulski 
1993Anthony E. GascoigneHarry McDonaldJohn P. NakulskiJohn P. Nakulski 
1994Anthony E. GascoigneHarry McDonaldJohn P. NakulskiJohn P. Nakulski 
1995Harry McDonald (to Aug 1995)Dalma NovakRobert SlavieroAnthony E. GascoigneDalma Novak was Acting Chair from Sep-Dec 1995
1996Dalma NovakRobert SlavieroRobert SlavieroAnthony E. Gascoigne 
1997Dalma NovakRobert SlavieroRobert SlavieroAnthony E. Gascoigne 
1998Dalma NovakRobert SlavieroRobert SlavieroAnthony E. Gascoigne 
1999Robert SlavieroRodney B. WaterhouseMichael K. MooreAnthony E. Gascoigne 
2000Robert SlavieroRodney B. WaterhouseMichael K. MooreAnthony E. Gascoigne 
2001Robert SlavieroRodney B. WaterhousePeter A. WillsAnthony E. Gascoigne 
2002Peter A. WillsEnn VinnalRoger L. VenningAnthony E. GascoigneH. L. King was Acting Treasurer from Sept 2002
2003Peter A. WillsEnn VinnalRoger L. VenningHorace L. King 
2004Enn VinnalHorace L. KingRoger L. VenningPeter A. Wills 
2005Enn VinnalHorace L. KingDylan J. RadcliffeHorace L. King 
2006Enn VinnalHorace L. KingDylan J. RadcliffeHorace L. King 
2007Dylan J. RadcliffeHorace L. KingPaul V. KubikAnthony E. Gascoigne 
2008Horace L. KingPaul V. KubikPaul V. KubikAnthony E. Gascoigne 
2009Horace L. KingPaul V. KubikPaul V. KubikAnthony E. GascoigneEnn Vinnal appointed Assistant Treasurer in Feb 2009.
2010Paul V. KubikGreg AdamsonKam HoAnthony E. Gascoigne 
2011Paul V. KubikGreg AdamsonKam HoAnthony E. Gascoigne 
2012Greg AdamsonEddie CustovicEnn Vinnal 
2013Greg AdamsonEddie CustovicEnn Vinnal 
2014Anthony E. GascoigneAlan HarveyGolnar KhomamiEnn Vinnal 
2015Anthony E. GascoigneAlan HarveyGolnar KhomamiEnn Vinnal 
2016Eddie CustovicGolnar KhomamiNishad MendisEnn Vinnal 
2017Eddie CustovicGolnar KhomamiNishad Mendis/Elspeth McKayEnn Vinnal 
2018Alan HarveyGolnoosh TajadodElspeth McKayMehrnaz Shoushtarian 

Major IEEE Awards to Victorian Section Volunteers & Groups

1984IEEE Centenary MedalDouglas G. LampardMember of original sub-section and section committees
1995Region 10 Outstanding VolunteerAnthony E. GascoigneInaugural award
2000IEEE Millennium MedalLawrence W. Cahill, Robin A. Court, Chris W. Dobson, Anthony E. Gascoigne, Bala S. Kumble, Michael K. Moore, John P. Nakulski, Dalma Novak, Robert Slaviero, Enn Vinnal, Rodney B. Waterhouse 
2007Region 10 Outstanding VolunteerEnn Vinnal 
2013Australian Council Best Student BranchLa Trobe University Student Branch 
2015Australian Council Best Student BranchLa Trobe University Student Branch 
2015IEEE MGA Board Young Professional Achievement AwardEddie Custovic