Instrumentation and Measurement Chapter

The IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society is dedicated to the development and use of electrical and electronic instruments and equipment to measure, monitor and/or record physical phenomena. The fields of interest include metrology, analog and digital electronic instruments, systems and standards for measuring and recording electrical quantities (in both frequency and time domains), instrumentation and transducers for measurement of non-electrical variables, calibration and uncertainty, instruments with automated control and analysis functions, safety instrumentation, and new technology applications. More information

2023 Executive Committee Members of IEEE IMS NSW Chapter

Chair – Ediz Cetin
Vice-Chair – Subhas Mukhopadhyay
Ex-Chair – Dimitrios Georgakopoulos
Secretary – Biswajeet Pradhan
Industry Liaison – Syed Abbas
NSW Representative – Bill Sloman
Member-at-large – Zeljko Beljic
Student Representative – Mohammadreza Hojati


2020 Executive Committee Members of IEEE IMS NSW Chapter

Chair: Dimitrios Georgakopoulos
Vice-Chair: Mohsen Asandia
Secretary cum Treasurer: Robert Salama


2019 Executive Committee Members of IEEE IMS NSW Chapter

Founding Chair: Subhas Mukhopadhyay
Vice-Chair: Ediz Cetin
Secretary cum Treasurer: Mohsen Asandia
Industry Liaison: Dimitrios Georgakopoulos
Membership Development:  Robert Salama
Member-at-large: Bill Slomon
Member-at-large: Nasrin Afsarimanesh
Member: Paritosh Giri


Activities in 2018

Jan. 11: Professor Toru Namerikawa, Japan
Feb 20: Committee meeting
Mar 15: Professor Natsuki Oka, Japan
Apr 11:  Dr. Boris Ginzburg, Israel
May 23: Prof. Ravinder Dahiya, UK
July 13: Professor Idaku Ishii, Japan
July 18:  Workshop and committee meeting
August 10: Committee meeting


Activities in 2017

20-07-2017: Opening ceremony and introduction of the committee members
DL talk: Prof. Andrew Taberner, Auckland University
Oct 20: Committee Meeting
Nov 16: Committee meeting
Nov. 22, 2017: One-day workshop and committee meeting
Nov. 29, 2017: Talk by Prof. Norbert Schweisinger
Dec 4-6: ICST 2017, Macquarie University
Dec 6 : IMS DL talk by Prof. Octavian Postolache at Macquarie
Dec 7 : IMS DL talk by Prof. Octavian Postolache at UTS