2020 Undergraduate Student Project Contest

The IEEE Australia Council

2020 Undergraduate Student Project Contest

Contest Rules



The Undergraduate Student Project Contest in its current form was approved at the Australia Council meeting on the 27th November 2019.



The contest is open to all undergraduate IEEE student members in an Australian Section. The projects presented may be on any subject in the field of interest of the IEEE’s Societies or Councils. Eligibility of projects will be determined according to the following rules:

  • Submissions may be:
    • Individual (must be an active IEEE student member);
    • Team based (at least 50% of the team must be active IEEE student members). Allcorrespondence will be through the team leader who must be an active IEEE studentmember
  • Submission can be associated with any course work (project or research) from an Australianeducation institution or extra-curricular work undertaken by the student/s
  • The project must be original
  • The 3-minute video must be associated with a correctly completed entry form




YouTube video links must be submitted electronically, and entry details completed electronically via the IEEE Australia Council web page before the closing date of February 16th.



A YouTube link is to be provided for entry. The YouTube video must not exceed 3mins with entries exceeding this limit disqualified. Creative freedom is provided with no restrictions on how the information is presented. However, a title page is required at the start of the video outing:

  • This is an entry for the IEEE Australia Council 2020 Undergraduate 3min Project VideoContest
  • Names of all project members

The video must NOT:

  • Contain any offensive material
  • Contain any copyrighted material

The information should be presented in a way that any technical information can be understood by a non-technical audience.



Video projects will be evaluated and judged based on the detailed rubric available from the IEEE Australia Council website where:

  • Presentation is worth 50%
  • Subject matter is worth 50%

Each section will be responsible for providing members to serve on the judging panel. A member of the judging panel may not evaluate a video from the same section. Judging panel members must declare any possible conflicts of interest when evaluating a project.

Members of the IEEE Australia Council committee are ineligible to serve as members of the judging panel.

The judging panel will represent a cross section of various disciplines within the IEEE, with a record of experience in written and oral communication of ideas.



  • 1st Prize – $500 and a certificate
  • 2nd Prize – $200 and a certificate
  • 3rd Prize – a certificate

In order to receive the prize, permission is granted to the Australia Council and local Sections to promote and share the winning videos. The winning videos should remain on YouTube for at least one year from the date of the announcement of winners.

It is the responsibility of the team leader to divide the prize money with any team members.

The decision by the judging panel, as accepted by the Australia Council Chair, will be the final decision and no appeal against the decision will be entertained.

Results will be announced in July 2020.

[PDF of details]

Australia Council Student Awards

The IEEE Australia Council’s Student Branch Awards recognise outstanding achievements by student members engaged in activities conforming to IEEE objectives and purposes. These would include, for example:

• Significantly improving the vitality of the Branch with regard to activities, membership, or finances.

• Effective interaction of the Branch with the local Section or Region, or IEEE technical societies, e.g. seminars, conferences etc.

• Community involvement that benefits the schools and/or the community, the image of the IEEE, and the image of engineering in general.

All student branches in Australia are eligible to enter the competition. The awards are determined annually and presented to the winning student branch at an appropriate occasion.

The student branch counsellor will be informed of the closing dates for the awards, usually at year-end, and will help students submit applications. More information is available here.

Queensland Section Student Thesis Prizes

The IEEE Queensland Section administers three thesis prizes for undergraduate students in Queensland universities:

• the IEEE Student Thesis Prize (general category)

• the ICPADM-Mat Darveniza IEEE Student Prize (Power Engineering category)

• IEEE Student Prize (Signal & Image Processing)

Full details of the student thesis prizes are available here.

Power and Energy Society Student Travel Awards

Each year the IEEE Power and Energy Society invites student members and graduate engineers (IEEE PES members) to attend its Annual General Meeting and submit papers and/or posters. The meetings are usually held in the USA. The PES chapter of the Queensland Section awards two travel grants of up to $2,000 each to students studying power engineering at Queensland universities and IEEE PES graduate engineers to facilitate attendance at the AGM.

Full details of the PES student travel awards are available [here].