This is the home page for the TISP Australian Curriculum-aligned lesson plans.

At some point in the future the lesson plans will be searchable by Australian Curriculum knowledge-stream references, e.g. ACSIS027.

A small number of lesson plans are currently available. Please select from the adjoining panels.

TISP in Australia

TISP was launched in Australia in Brisbane on September 1st-2nd, 2012. The keynote speaker was Mark Campling, Assistant Director-General, Queensland Education.

A Century of Plastics

Adaptive Device Design

Assembly Lines

Biomimicry in Engineering

Blast Off!

Build a Big Wheel

Engineer a Cane

Can You Canoe?

Chair Lift Challenge

Conveyor Engineering

Can You Copperplate?

Critical Load

Engineer a Dam

Engineering Ups and downs

Filtration Investigation

Find it with GPS!

Getting Your Bearings

Give Me a Brake

Here Comes the Sun

Insulators and Conductors

Paddle pop Bridge

Pipeline Challenge

Pollution Patrol

A Question of Balance

Build Your Own Robot Arm

How the Rubber Meets the Road

Sail Away

Shake it up with Seismographs!

Making Sense Of Sensors

Simple Machines

Sort it Out!

Oil Spill Solutions

Working with Wind Energy