The IEEE Photonics Society offers a wide range of learning, career enhancement, and professional development opportunities within the photonics and optics community. The goal is to provide programs that ensure knowledge and skill growth among professionals and to foster an individual commitment to continual education among members, the photonics community and the general public.

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The IEEE Photonics Society strives to have a positive impact on the global society by expanding the role and understanding of photonics, through community outreach and education. It also provides members, in varying stages of their careers, with unique opportunities to grow professionally and technically, through programs geared towards peer-to-peer connections, professional advancement and volunteerism.

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The IEEE Photonics Journal is the Society’s online-only, open-access journal that provides rapid publication of top quality peer-reviewed papers at the forefront of photonics research.

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The IEEE Photonics Technology Letters cover advances in the theory, design, fabrication, application, performance, packaging and reliability of lasers, optical devices, fiber-optics and waveguide technologies and quantum electronic devices. The journal is published bi-weekly to provide rapid publication of significant original research contributions.

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The Journal of Quantum Electronics is published monthly to address new developments or phenomena that impact continuing research or advance the technological base of quantum electronics.

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The IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics is published six times a year to address original theoretical and/or experimental research results that advance the scientific and technological base of quantum electronics. Each issue is devoted to a specific topic within the quantum electronics field.

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The IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology is published semimonthly by seven IEEE Societies and the The Optical Society. Topics include: fiber and cable technologies, active and passive guided-wave componentry, integrated optics/optoelectronics, as well as new applications and field trials.

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Published monthly by the IEEE Photonics Society, IEEE Communications Society and The Optical Society, the IEEE/OSA Journal of Optical Communications & Networking covers advances in both theoretical contributions to state-of-the-art optical communications and networking, as well as practical applications in a broad range of optical networking technologies.

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