National seminar on opportunities and challenges of electric vehicle and smart grid:EV Battery Charging

EV Battery Charging

Date & session: 11.05.2023.FN
speaker: Mr. Sairam

The process of EV battery charging is a fundamental aspect of the electric vehicle experience and represents a key area of focus in the ongoing advancement of EV technology. Its importance spans not just the functional necessity of recharging an EV's battery, but it also significantly impacts the practicality, convenience, and overall acceptance of EVs by consumers.

There are challenges that come with EV battery charging, such as the need for more charging infrastructure, particularly in rural and remote areas, the long charging times compared to traditional fueling, and the issue of range anxiety.

It also involves managing load on the power grid and considering the source of the electricity, which could affect the environmental benefits of EVs.


TOPIC:EV Battery Charging

The design and characteristics of EV motors, whether they are induction motors, permanent magnet motors, or newer technologies like switched reluctance motors, directly impact the vehicle's torque, speed, range, and overall performance. Additionally, powertrain configurations, such as single-motor or multi-motor setups, influence vehicle dynamics like acceleration and handling. Despite these challenges, continuous technological advancements are driving improvements in motor and powertrain designs. Efforts are being made to develop high-efficiency, low-cost, and sustainable motor technologies.

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