Electromagnetic issues and mitigation techniques in EV

Date & session: 10.05.2023.AN
speaker: Ms. Uma Maheswari

Electromagnetic issues are a significant area of concern in electric vehicles (EVs) due to the high-power electronic devices, converters, and cables used in these vehicles.

These elements can generate electromagnetic interference (EMI), which can disrupt the normal operation of electronic systems within the vehicle and potentially cause safety issues. Furthermore, the generated electromagnetic fields (EMF) could potentially affect human health, which makes controlling EMF exposure essential. Mitigation techniques, including proper shielding, filtering, and the use of high-quality components, are crucial in managing and reducing EMI.

Cable arrangement and grounding can also help minimize EMI. Additionally, innovative motor designs, like the use of segmented motor cores or the application of soft magnetic composite materials, can help reduce electromagnetic noise.

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