EV operation in Smart Microgrid via few real Indian Microgrid

Date & session: 12.05.2023.FN

The integration of Electric Vehicles (EVs) into smart microgrids represents a significant step towards optimizing energy usage, promoting renewable resources, and paving the way for a resilient, green, and distributed power system. The dynamic interaction between EVs and smart microgrids could potentially help balance loads, provide ancillary services, and enable peak shaving, thereby improving the overall stability and efficiency of the grid. In the Indian context, although the concept of smart microgrids and EV integration is still relatively nascent, there are notable strides being made. Several pilot projects and studies are underway to understand the feasibility and impact of such a system. India’s unique challenges, such as a vast rural population and regions with unreliable grid connectivity, present a compelling case for the adoption of smart microgrids

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