Most engineering professionals are already eligible to be a part of the IEEE Industry Applications Society (IAS) and may not even know it.

* Any current Member of the IEEE is eligible to join IAS by applying and paying a nominal annual membership fee.
* If one’s professional interest overlaps with IAS but is not an IEEE member, it is possible to join as a Society Affiliate (at a significantly reduced due rate) without becoming an IEEE member. However, a Society Affiliate must be a member of a society in a related scientific or technical field.
* Student Members of the IEEE are encouraged to join the IAS at a significantly reduced due rate.

The annual membership due for IAS includes :

* IEEE Industry Applications Magazine (6 times a year)
* Online access to IEEE Trans. on Industry Applications (at

However, all other printed material, including the hard copy of Trans. IA are separately priced items.

Retired, Unemployed and Minimum Income Individuals are eligible for ‘Special Circumstances’ payment at significantly reduced due rates. However, each member may choose only one program through personal certification only.

RETIRED : If one is at least 62 years of age and not employed, he has to pay :

  • 50% of the current IEEE dues/assessments.
  • 50% of the Society dues for any Society/Societies that he has belonged to for the last 5 years.
  • 75% of the cost of the publications for those Societies
  • All other Society memberships of less than 5 years and their publications to be paid in full.

UNEMPLOYED : If one is unemployed through involuntary termination and actively seeking employment, pay only 50% of all dues/assessments, Society dues and publications.

MINIMUM INCOME : If one’s gross, unadjusted annual income for the last year, including all benefits and services from any source, did not exceed a pre-specified amount (for example if your 2000 income did not exceed US$8600 or approx. Indian Rs.404200), then one need to pay only :

  • 50% of the current IEEE dues/assessments.
  • 50% of the dues for one Society (example : IAS).
  • 50% of the cost of all optional publications for that Society.
  • All other Society memberships and their publications to be paid in full.

The IAS encourages its members to upgrade their membership status from STUDENT to MEMBER to SENIOR MEMBER to FELLOW. Note that there is no extra payment of dues/assessment for upgradation from Member to Sr. Member or from Sr. Member to Fellow. However, career evaluation and technical contributions are the important points for successful selection to a higher grade. For details and Forms, contact The minimum qualifications needed are :

For selection as a Senior Member :

The candidate must have paid his current IEEE dues:

  • Must have been an IEEE Member for at least 5 years.

For selection as a Fellow :

The candidate must have paid his current IEEE dues:

  • Must have been an IEEE Member or Senior Member for at least 5 years,
  •  Must be a Senior Member while applying.

IEEE members who are also members of the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineers (IETE), India, are eligible for a 10% discount on the basic dues of the IETE as well as on the dues/region 10 assessment of IEEE. However, a member of IEEE already availing of any form of concession shall not be eligible for further 10% discount on the IEEE dues/assessment.