IEEE Summer School on Nanotechnology 2023

5 Day International Programme on

“NANO RME Unveiled:
Exploring the Future Landscape of Nanotechnology Advancements in Robotics, Materials/Magnetics, and Electronics”

The intertwinning of Nano Robotics-Nano Materials/Magnetics-Nano Electronics

Event Organizer(s)

General Chair:

Dr. SanthoshSivasubramani, Senior Member IEEE,Founding Chair – IEEE NTC HSC

Organizing Secretary:

Dr. V. Jayaprakasan, Professor/ECE/SNIST& Faculty Advisor, SNIST IEEE NTC  

Advisory Committee:

Dr. K. T. Mahhe, Secretary, SNIST, Hyderabad
Mr. Abhijit Rao K, CEO, SNIST, Hyderabad
Dr. C. V. Tomy. Director, SNIST, Hyderabad
Dr. T. Ch. Siva Reddy, Principal, SNIST, Hyderabad
Dr. K. Sumanth,Professor/EEE, IEEE SNIST SB Counselor
Dr. Y Vijayalata, Chair, IEEE Hyderabad Section
Dr. Mousmi Ajay Chaurasia, Vice Chair, IEEEHyderabad Section
Dr. M. A. Jabbar, Secretary, IEEE Hyderabad Section
Dr. V. Jayaprakasan, Treasurer, IEEE HyderabadSection
Dr. J. Suryanarayana, Associate Professor Department of Physics, IITHyderabad 

Program Committee:

Dr. S.P.V. Subba Rao, Professor and Head/ECE/SNIST
Dr. V. Kumara Swamy, Professor/ECE/SNIST
Dr. A. Sathyanarayana, Professor/ECE/SNIST 

Sponsorship Committee:

Dr. Krishna Samalla, Professor/ECE/SNIST
Dr. Shruti Barghava, Associate Professor/ECE/SNIST
Dr. Mallikarjun Mudda, Associate Professor/ECE/SNIST 

Organizing Committee:

Dr. S. Murthy Sarma, Professor/ECE/SNIST
Dr. C. N. Sujatha, Professor/ECE/SNIST
Dr. G. Prasad Acharya, Associate Professor/ECE/SNIST
Dr.Y. Srinivasulu, Associate Professor/ECE/SNIST
Dr. P. Lavanya, Assistant Professor/ECE/SNIST
Dr. T. Swapna, Assistant Professor/ECE/SNIST  

Technical Sessions Committee:

Dr. D. Asha Devi, Professor/ECE/SNIST
Dr. S. Ramani, Associate Professor/ECE/SNIST
Dr. S. Latha, Associate Professor/ECE/SNIST
Dr. Ganesh Kumar, Assistant Professor/ECE/SNIST 

Website Coordination:

Ms. Suma M

YP Coordination:

Ms. Likhitha Gunti

Registration Committee:

Dr. SN. Chandrashekar, Assistant Professor/ECE/SNIST
Mrs. A Anupama Rani, Assistant Professor/ECE/SNIST
Mrs. I Harika, Assistant Professor/ECE/SNIST 

Publicity Committee:

Dr. S. I. Khan, Associate Professor/ECE/SNIST
Dr. Abhishek Choubey, Associate Professor/ECE/SNIST 

Finance Committee:

Dr. V. Jayaprakasan, Professor/ECE/SNIST
Mr. Aldo Baby Antony, IEEE SNIST NTC Students Chair              

Hospitality Committee:

Dr. T. Venkat Rao, Associate Professor/ECE/SNIST
Dr. T. Ramaswamy, Associate Professor/ECE/SNIST 

Printing Committee:

Dr. Mohammed Mahaboob Basha, AssociateProfessor/ECE/SNIST
Dr. Syed Jahangir Badhasha, AssociateProfessor/ECE/SNIST 

Students Volunteers:
Bhargavi Sudharshanam     
Cilaveni Rahul       
Amogh Bapatla      
Akhil Reddy
Mukiri Prashanth Kumar
Aldo Babu Anthony
M.Harshitha Reddy       
Riddhi Magdiwar
M. Farzana
Vaishali K. Rathod 
Ms. Singampalli Chiranjita
Dodla Anjali Rao
Likith Bathula

Contact Details:

Dr. V Jayaprakasan, Professor/ECE/SNIST & Treasurer – IEEE Hyderabad Section Faculty Advisor, IEEE SNIST NTC Students Chapter Email:[email protected], [email protected]

Dr. Santhosh Sivasubramani, SMIEEE, IEE NTC HSC Chair, IEEE NTC Standards Secretary, IEEE NTC YP R10; Email: [email protected]


"NANO RME Unveiled" encapsulates a captivating journey into the realms of nanotechnology, robotics, materials, and electronics. It signifies the unveiling of groundbreaking innovations and advancements that lie ahead in these fields. By intertwining nanotechnology with robotics, materials, and electronics, this topic highlights their interdependent nature and the immense potential for cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Understanding the implications of nanotechnology advancements in robotics, materials, and electronics is vital in today's rapidly evolving technological landscape. It paves the way for transformative breakthroughs in various sectors, from healthcare and manufacturing to energy and communication. This summer school serves as a gateway to explore how nanotechnology can revolutionize these domains, enabling smaller, faster, and more efficient devices with enhanced capabilities.

Exploring NANO RME is an ideal learning opportunity as it encourages interdisciplinary knowledge acquisition. By studying the convergence of nanotechnology, robotics, materials, and electronics, learners can develop a holistic understanding of cutting-edge technologies, their interplay, and their impact on society. It fosters critical thinking, innovation, and the ability to identify potential applications and challenges in these dynamic fields. Ultimately, delving into this topic can inspire individuals to contribute to the forefront of scientific and technological advancements, driving progress and shaping the future.