Latest Past Events

Seminar on Green Solvent Processed Polymer Solar Cells

Research School of Physics and Engineering (RSPE), Australian National University Canberra

Speaker:  Dr. Natalie Holmes Abstract: Polymer solar cells offer a competitive alternative to existing conventional solar cells due to their light weight, semi-transparency, low cost, mechanical flexibility and ability to be printed with similar manufacturing techniques to newspapers and labels. While processing of polymer solar cell interfacial layers is from eco-friendly printing inks, the photoactive... Read more

Seminar on The development of high resolution remote sensing and polarization remote sensing

Lecture Theatre 3, Building 30, ADFA, Northcott Dr, Canberra

Speaker:         Prof Lei Yan, Peking University, P. R. China Abstract: In this talk, I will present some of our recent work in high resolution remote sensing, which mainly covers Puzzle of Close-range Cartesian-Coordinate Photogrammetry, the construction of Aerospace Polar-Coordinate Photogrammetry benchmark, the Creation of Digital Base-Height Ratio for precision benchmark and Optical-Field... Read more

IEEE ACT Section, Women in Engineering (WIE) Seminar

: Oliphant Building # 60, Seminar Room, Research School of Physical Science and Engineering, Mills Road, Australian National University Canberra

Title: Snails, Slime and Serendipity Speaker: Dr Merryn McKinnon, Lecturer/Communication & Engagement Research Fellow, Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science, ANU Abstract: How does a marine scientist ends up in Canberra? Despite her best plans, Merryn’s career has been anything but planned. And she would not change a thing.  Come and hear... Read more