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1 December 2022 – AGM

Thanks all for your efforts organising and attending the AGM this year! Great food and company and organising the new Executive Committee for 2023! Sad to see some faces moving on and welcome to some new faces too!


11 September 2022 – IEEEXtreme Programming Challenge

Get your team together for the IEEEXtreme Programming Challenge! IEEEXtreme is a global challenge in which teams of up to 3 IEEE student members compete over 24 hours to solve a set of programming problems. To register your team visit:

AEDT: Saturday 11:00:00 October 22 – Sunday 11:00:00 October 23, 2022

Student membership discounts also available! Use promotional code FUTURE50 to save 50% on student membership fees.

For any questions contact IEEE ACT Section Computer chair: [email protected]

30 August 2022 – IEEE Region 10 Connect – Third Issue 2022

Some great coverage in the Third Issue of the IEEE Region 10 Connect Newsletter for the ACT Section!

Articles include –

  • Visit by Region 10 Director to Australia
  • Visiting the Canberra Deep Space Communications Complex
  • Inaugural Meeting of the Newly Established ACT Life Member Affinity Group
  • Looking forward to TENSYMP 2023 in Canberra after TENSYMP 2022 in Mumbai


18 August 2022 – Canberra Mathematical Association Annual Conference

The 2022 Canberra Mathematical Association (CMA) Annual Conference was held on Saturday 13 August 2022 at UNSW Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy. The theme was “Change … one of life’s constants?”

Cheers to Fouad Karouta who gave a presentation, and Lily Qiao and Russell Gentle who managed the IEEE ACT Section booth.

 Congratulations to Fatemah Bahri and Roslyn Moupton who each won $100 from IEEE ACT Section!

11 August 2022 – IEEE Region 10 Executive Committee Meeting

The 2022 IEEE Region 10 Executive Committee Meeting was held in Jeju Shinhwa World, Jeju, Korea, where the ACT Section Chair was invited to attend. 

1 August 2022 – Aerospace Electronic Systems (AES) Chapter for IEEE ACT Section

Congratulations to Dr Lily Qiao from UNSW Canberra for establishing the Aerospace Electronic Systems (AES) Chapter for IEEE ACT Section! Thanks to the members of the Aerospace Electronic Systems Chapter. The AES chapter could not be established without your support.

ACT (Australian Capital Territory) is the driving force behind Australia’s aerospace industry. It has the infrastructure, business, research strengths and education system to support civil, commercial and defence aerospace applications. Given the importance of aerospace to Australia and the work, we do not want to miss the opportunity that appears to ACT.

With the launch of our Aerospace and Electronic Systems chapter, we can have better communication and host more local activities, such as guest speakers, workshops, seminars, and social functions. Forming this chapter provides opportunities for our members to attend technical presentations, local networking for personal and professional growth, share technical, professional and personal interests with others, and make a positive distinction in IEEE members’ jobs and careers.


24 November 2021 – Membership Numbers

IEEE ACT received an international award in recognition for its IEEE activities and recruitment, with over 500 members! We are working hard for our members and are optimistic that post Covid, we will continue to improve our services and engagement for the community.

23 October 2021 – AGM

IEEE ACT Section AGM will be held on 09 December 2021 @ Black Mountain Peninsula starting from 6:00 pm. A fee of $5 will be levied on each non-member attending the AGM payable towards food and drinks. Please pay to confirm registration.

Account Name: IEEE ACT Section
BSB: 062 907, Account Number: 0090 6547

Registration for this event is mandatory. Those interested in joining the 2022 Executive Committee please send your nomination to Ambarish Natu ([email protected]) by 25 November 2021.

All attendees have to abide by ACT Government Rules and Regulation in relation to Covid-19 that may be relevant to public health directions on the day of the AGM. 

Date, Time and Location

  • 09 Dec 2021, 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM
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  • Black Mountain Peninsula, Garryowen Dr, Acton



21 October 2021 – Social Media

Did you know IEEE ACT Section is on social media? Check us out on LinkedIn  and Instagram for the latest news and information!



10 October 2021 – Newsletters

Did you know we have started publishing Bi-Annual Newsletters? Check them out and Contact Us if you’d like us to write about something!

8 October 2020 – NETHACK Winner

At the recent IEEE R10 SYWL (Student, Young Professionals, Women-in-Engineering and Life Member) online event, ACT Section registered four participants and we are happy to see our ANU SB Rep 2019 Rabbia Saleem as winner of the Virtual NETHACK, Congrats Rabbia!


14 September 2020 – Energy Future Webinar

IEEE Young Professionals ACT Section cordially invites you to join our upcoming webinar on 07th October 2020, “Solar, Batteries and Virtual Power Plants: Australia’s Distributed Energy Future”.

This webinar is open to all, registration required.


3 September 2020 – Outstanding Small Section

The IEEE ACT Section has been awarded the Region 10 Outstanding Small Section, in recognition and appreciation of valuable services and contributions.

All Chapters/Groups fulfilled their activities and we conducted a total of 43 technical activities in 2019 – well done ACT!


5 April 2020 – Student Contests

2020 Student Contests!

2020 Student Branch Contest

2020 Undergraduate Student Project Contest

Full Details At:


25 February 2020 – Award Nominations

Call for Nominations: IEEE MGA Student Awards 2020: Deadline – 31st March 2020

Student Awards are created to reward and recognize the outstanding efforts of our Student Members, Student Branches, Student Branch Counselors & Student Chapter Advisers. IEEE Student branches provide opportunities for student members to collaborate, network and learn from fellow students, faculty members and professionals in the field.

Student branches offer numerous educational, technical, and professional advantages to IEEE Student members through special projects, activities, meetings, Industrial tours, field trips etc.. However, these activities and advantages aren’t done without the effort and diligence of our volunteers. IEEE has created several Student Branch Awards to recognize and reward the efforts of these tireless individuals and teams.

More information on the Student Awards is available at the IEEE Students Website. To nominate your Student Branch, Student Activity, Student Volunteer or Branch Counselor / Chapter Adviser for Student Awards please visit Student Awards Portal.

 Please note: The nomination deadline for Student Awards is 31st March 2020.

Please email questions or feedback to [email protected]


6 January 2020 – Bushfire Support

As you all know bushfires are ravaging the country since several months causing severe damages to our community and to our wildlife.

IEEE is part of the community in which we live and this eNotice is a friendly call to stimulate donations that you can make directly to one of the relevant organisations helping victims of those bushfires.

You can make your donation to:

Or any other relevant organisation helping victims

If you already made a donation thank you for your kindness,

On behalf of the IEEE ACT Section,

Fouad Karouta

ACT Section Chair


9 Sep 2018 – IEEE ACT Section Membership Drive

Expression of interest to attend R10 SYWL Congress 2018

This year, the congress will be held on 30 August – 2 September 2018, in Prime Plaza Hotel, Sanur – Bali, Indonesia.

The ACT Section will sponsor up to $1,000 for one student to travel to present at the conference.

Eligibility: IEEE ACT Section student member

If you wish to avail yourself to our sponsorship, please contact either:

The ACT Section Chair: [email protected]

The IEEE ACT Section Treasurer: [email protected]

The IEEE ACT Section Vice Chair: [email protected]

For further details on the Conference, please see the website at

Registration for IEEE Student / Young Professionals / WIE / Life Member (SYWL) Congress 2018 is now open at:

TENCON-Call for an EOI

Dear IEEE ACT students,

The 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON) will be held at The Wembley St. Giles Premier Hotel, Penang, Malaysia on 5  8 November 2017. TENCON is a premier international technical conference of IEEE Region 10, which comprises 57 Sections, 6 Councils, 26 Subsections, 878 Chapters and 1365 Student Branches in the Asia Pacific region. The theme for TENCON 2017 is Bridging the Gap.

We realise that it is no longer possible to submit an abstract, however the ACT Section is considering contributing to the trip cost of one student up to $1000 under the following conditions:

1-    attend the conference (video conferencing of the presentation is not accepted).

2-    Report at the Section AGM (to be held on 30 November, 2017) your experience at TENCON (5-7 min presentation.

The ACT Section is seeking EoI from students who already submitted an abstract and gettheir abstract accepted.

Dealine for EoI submission is Friday 22 September, 2017.

Please email EoI to:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

August 19, 2017

The lucky draw winner @ CMA conference 2017 during a membership development activity drive.

August 17, 2017

The Sections Congress in which a MoU was signed between IEEE and EA

Australian Sections Chairs/Vice Chairs with the IEEE president and EA CEO along some other people.

July 12, 2017

The IEEE ACT Section just received the IEEE recognition for its achievement in membership retention 2017.


This is to call for an Expression of Interest to attend the upcoming ANZSCON from 10-11 August 2017 in Sydney, Australia.

Funding for four Students up-to $800 per student is available. Selected Candidates will need to provide a report of this conference within 30 days of attending this conference to the IEEE ACT Section Chair and Co-chair along with a report of the expenses incurred along with tax invoices and receipts to be emailed to the IEEE ACT Section Treasurer.

Criteria for Selection of Candidates:

  1. First preference will be given to candidates presenting at ANZSCON 2017. Candidates will also require to submit a reference letter from their advisor/supervisor/academic staff supporting their nomination.
  2. Second preference will be given to Research Candidate Students (Ph.D/Master by Research). Candidates have to submit a proposal to the IEEE ACT Section committee on what is their intent to attend this conference and how attending this conference will benefit them in their academic / non-academic pursuits. This submission has to accompany a reference letter from their supervisor.
  3. Third preference will be given to Graduate Students and Honour Students. Candidates have to submit a proposal to the IEEE ACT Section committee on what is their intent to attend this conference and how attending this conference will benefit them in their academic / non-academic pursuits. This submission has to accompany a reference letter from their supervisor/advisor/course-instructor.
  4. Fourth preference will be given to all other students, currently enrolled at any of the Universities within Canberra. Candidates have to submit a proposal to the IEEE ACT Section committee on what is their intent to attend this conference and how attending this conference will benefit them in their academic / non-academic pursuits. This submission has to accompany a reference letter from their supervisor/advisor/course-instructor.
  5. All submissions have to be made to the [email protected] by 31 May 2017 close of business. Any late submission will need the approval of the IEEE ACT Section Chair.
  6. If more than two candidates are found to be suitable for ANZSCON 2017 the IEEE ACT Section will make a decision in regards to the division of funds. The decision of the IEEE ACT Section will be final and will be based on the IEEE Code of Conduct and Ethics as funds are limited for such activities.
  7. If you have any further questions/comments/suggestions, please email [email protected]. The response time is up to 5 working days, so please be patient.