Review on Control Strategies of DC Microgrid
Authors: Abhay Kandel, Anjan Aryal, Sujan Adhikari

Abstract— This paper presents the overview of control strategies of DC Microgrid (MG). The overall control is classified into local and coordinated control according to the respective functionalist at each level. Local control depends only on local measurements whereas communication between units achieves coordinated control. Depending on the communication method, three basic coordinated control strategies can be distinguished; i.e. decentralized, centralized, and distributed control. Decentralized control can be concerned as an enhanced form of local control since it is based on local measurement. While centralized and distributed control strategies depend on digital communication technologies. Many methods using these coordinated strategies to achieve various control objectives are reviewed in the paper. Like, to enhance current sharing accuracy, swarm optimization programming, probabilities algorithm, and voltage correction factor are discussed. Also to achieve a stable operation and coordinated control, various secondary approaches such as virtual voltage control methods have been summarized for voltage regulation.

Keywords— DC microgrid, local Control, coordinated control, current sharing

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Published In: International Conference on Role of Energy for Sustainable Social Development in ‘New Normal’ Era (RESSD-2020)
Date of Conference: 28th-29th December 2020                                
Conference Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Publisher: IEEE Power and Energy Society Nepal Chapter

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A. Kandel, A. Aryal, S. Adhikari, “Review on Control Strategies of DC Microgrid”, International Conference on Role of Energy for Sustainable Social Development in ‘New Normal’ Era, 28th-29th December 2020, Kathmandu, Nepal