Distribution Network Loss Reduction by Optimal Placement of battery Energy storage System
Authors: Bimal Raj Raut, Sujan Adhikari

 Abstract— Power loss is the prime concern for any utility sector catering electricity as it is not only concerned with heavy revenue loss but it also burdens the system by overloading the line and needing a high generation to serve the same load. So the power loss generally increases the operating cost of utilities leading to high cost of electricity. Therefore, minimization of power loss is of paramount importance for utility sectors because of its financial values. Since the load centers are located far from the generating units, loss in the system is unavoidable. Installation of DG (Distributed Generation) technologies especially wind power and photovoltaic can help to reduce loss but the main disadvantage of these technologies is they are weather and climate dependent. On the other hand, Optimal placement of BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) can significantly reduce power loss and it also has ability to improve the stability and flexibility of the system, provide ride through capability during the power outage, utilize energy arbitrage as well as lessen the intermittency caused by the renewable energies such as solar and wind. In this paper, Whale Optimization Algorithm (WOA) has been applied for optimal allocation and sizing of BESS in order to reduce loss.  The entire methodology was implemented in MATLAB and was tested and verified in widely used IEEE 33 bus radial distribution network (case I) and practical distribution network, Kohalpur Feeder (case II).  Optimization was effectively conducted in all the cases and it was seen that loss and voltage profile in all of the cases were improved as intended. Finally, the financial analysis was done for analysis of viability of the project by comparing the revenue generated by implementing the system and the cost incurred in implementing it. It was found that the installation of optimum size of BESS at the optimum node was viable given that net present value (NPV) is positive. As practicability of the proposed methodology is already verified in the practical network, it can be used in any practical medium voltage distribution network.

Keywords—Distributed Generation (DG), Whale Optimization Algorithm (WOA), Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), Net Present Value (NPV)

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Published In: International Conference on Role of Energy for Sustainable Social Development (RESSD-2022)
Date of Conference: 8th-9th August 2022                                
Conference Location: Bhaktapur, Nepal
Publisher: IEEE Power and Energy Society Nepal Chapter

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B. R. Raut, S. Adhikari, “Distribution Network Loss Reduction by Optimal Placement of battery Energy storage System ”, International Conference on Role of Energy for Sustainable Social Development, 8th-9th August 2022, Bhaktapur, Nepal