Design and Control of DC Islanded Microgrid

Authors: Yam Krishna Poudel, Netra Prasad Gyawali, Dayasagar Niraula

Abstract— The key concerns and issues that occur from distributed generation in smart grid architectures may be resolved and addressed by one of the new developing power distribution infrastructures, the microgrid. A microgrid is sometimes thought of as a collection of many Distributed Generations (DGs) that deliver electricity to customers with little power loss. Demand response implementation, efficient energy management, strong DER capabilities, and high-power transmission dependability all contribute to the success of a microgrid. In this research paper, DC Microgrid is modeled and controlled in islanded mode, and finally its performance is tested. The different distributed energy generation systems used in the research study are Photovoltaic system, Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and Wind Energy System. By calculating and analyzing the series and shunt resistances of the solar cell’s actual equivalent circuit, one may simulate a photovoltaic system. Perturbation and Observation (P&O)

method is applied in order to track the maximum power point at different irradiances through the use of temperature for the purpose of practical realization. For the purpose of storing the energy produced by the system when the supply power exceeds the demand power, modeling is done in the Simulink environment using nominal 48 V Lithium-ion batteries. Demand power is calculated using the average daily demand over a 24- hour period. With the use of converters, these generating systems are controlled. In order to charge the battery at 48 V and maintain a constant voltage at the DC bus, the BESS uses a Buck Boost converter to regulate the charging and discharging operations. Synchronous reference frame theory d-q control approach is used to control the inverter to feed the ac power to the load. The complete model of Islanded DC microgrid is developed, analyzed and presented.

Keywords—Distributed Generations (DGs), Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), Microgrid (MG), Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

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Published In: International Conference on Role of Energy for Sustainable Social Development (RESSD-2023)
Date of Conference: 14th-15th May 2023                                
Conference Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Publisher: IEEE Power and Energy Society Nepal Chapter

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Y. K. Poudel, N. P. Gyawali, D. Niraula, “Design and Control of DC Islanded Microgrid”, International Conference on Role of Energy for Sustainable Social Development, 14th-15th May 2023, Kathmandu, Nepal