Composite System Reliability Assessment:  Importance and Challenges in applying Probabilistic Techniques

Authors: Deeksha Sharma, Deepa Upadhyaya Subedi, Rajesh Karki, Ramakrishna  Gokaraju

Abstract—Composite System Reliability (CSR) assessment is carried out to ensure that the generation and transmission systems are able to meet the load requirements at the bulk load points distributed throughout the transmission network. Most utilities use deterministic methods for CSR assessment. These methods, however, cannot recognize the growing variability and uncertainty in power supply and demand brought about by growing renewable energy penetration and associated technologies to facilitate the sustainable energy goals. As a result, there is a need to shift towards probabilistic CSR assessment in order to maintain power outage costs within acceptable limits. Considerable work has been done in the development of probabilistic CSR techniques. Power utilities, however, encounter various difficulties in applying these techniques. This paper highlights the importance of probabilistic CSR evaluation methods for addressing existing and new challenges in a modern power system, and discusses the problems faced by utilities in applying probabilistic CSR techniques. The paper also provides an insight on the need for technical and regulatory measures to overcome the key issues with probabilistic CSR assessment.

 Keywords— Power System Reliability, Composite System Reliability (CSR), Contingency, Deterministic and Probabilistic Reliability Assessment

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Published In: International Conference on Role of Energy for Sustainable Social Development (RESSD-2023)
Date of Conference: 14th-15th May 2023                                
Conference Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Publisher: IEEE Power and Energy Society Nepal Chapter

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D. Sharma, D. U. Subedi, R. Karki, R. Gokaraju, “Composite System Reliability Assessment: Importance and Challenges in applying Probabilistic Techniques”, International Conference on Role of Energy for Sustainable Social Development, 14th-15th May 2023, Kathmandu, Nepal