Guest Speaker
Dr. Prem Ranjan
Deeside Center for Innovation, National Grid, UK
IEEE-PES Madras Chapter & Department of EEE, SSN College of Engineering jointly organizes the Research Scholar Seminar Series – 3 on “SF6 Alternatives – A Laboratory Testing Approach” on November 16, 2022 (Wednesday), at 02.00 PM. The speaker of the event is Dr. Prem Ranjan, Deeside Center for Innovation, National Grid, UK.
Power equipment with sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) is responsible for 80% emission of SF6 in the environment. SF6 stays in the atmosphere for more than 3,200 years and has a very high global warming potential – 25,200 times that of CO2. Hence, electric utilities are looking for environmentally friendlier alternatives for SF6 replacement to contribute towards Net Zero commitments.  This talk will present different alternative gases or gas mixtures and the testing approaches. Risks related to adopting greener gas mixtures will be discussed. How the tests carried out in laboratories provide solutions to the big questions regarding stability, compatibility of the alternatives and retro-fill preferences will be elaborated.
Around 90 participants have attended the event.

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