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Dynamic Modeling for Analysis of Wind Farm and Grid Interaction

Abstract: (Speaker: Professor Bikash Pal, Imperial College London, UK) Electrical generation, transmission and distribution systems all over the world have entered a period of significant renewal and technological change. There have been phenomenal changes/deployments in technology of generation driven by the worldwide emphasis on energy from wind and solar as a sustainable solution to our energy need.  Increasingly energy demand from heating and transportation will be met by electricity.  So, to accommodate changes in either end the transmission grid is required to operate in more responsive manner. This is the most credible challenge in smart transmission grid operation today.  Some of the recent wind farm operations have grabbed media headlines of not being connectable to the grid. While the debate is on whether it is the wind farm or the grid is the cause, the balance of the debate is shifting towards the integration and control aspect of these two technologies. This keynote will briefly mention the recent major problems in connecting big wind farms to the grid. It will then identify few possible specific technical reasons supported by the general technical insights gathered from detailed technical study conducted at Bikash Pal’s research group at Imperial College London. Future research challenges and opportunities will be highlighted. Zoom meeting link:


IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) VIC Chapter Workshop: Transformer Design and Design Parameters

Transformer Design and Design Parameters Speaker: Ronnie Minhaz, Transformer Consulting Services, Inc. Saturday, the 31st October 2020, 9.00am-12.00pm (Melbourne Time) Abstract: The presentation will be on the Basics of Transformer Design. The presentation will explain how a transformer designer interprets parameters such as MVA, Lightning impulse, Switching impulse, and Percentage impedance. It will touch on Power Rating , Core, Rated voltages, Insulation Coordination, Short-circuit Impedance, Short-circuit Forces, Loss Evaluation, Temperature limits, Cooling, and Sound level. It will also explain overload and life expectancy of a transformer as well as when Delta winding is needed in a Wye-Wye connection. The presentation will answer why North America likes to regulate from the low voltage side whereas Europe regulates from the high voltage side. Register the event here: Join the event here:

Practical Tips on Underground Design

Abstract: Underground design can sometime be viewed as the dark art of the black magic that is electrical engineering. Not only can you not see electricity, but with underground cabling you can’t see the cables either. This presentation will help improve understanding of this part of engineering and present some practical tips for Underground Design. Using studies from cable capacity modelling software CYMCAP some different scenarios for cable layout are explored. Is it better to have cables in conduit or direct buried? What is the effect of reducing spacing between cables compared to increasing the size of the conductor? What physical ground properties should you be aware of when considering a design? These and other questions will be discussed using a Solar Plant design scenario. Biography of Presenter Catherine Tuxen has spent a lot of her career thinking about the world under the surface of our feet. She completed her Bachelor of Science in 2007, with a double major in Geoscience. After working as a Geologist in the NT and then with Melbourne based Geothermal consultancy and research company Hot Dry Rocks. Moving forward to 2017 she joined the Underground Design Team at CitiPower/Powercor. She completed a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering in 2019 and moved into a Graduate Engineer role with CitiPower/Powercor. 2020 has been an exciting year and since the commencement of COVID-19 lockdowns Catherine has worked on-site at a Solar Generation Plant and from home working with the Technical Standards department. Additionally, Catherine has also been active in the industry professional bodies. Appreciating the value such organisations give to the profession, she has chosen to give back by acting as a committee member in IEEE PES Victoria for the last several years and is currently taking on the role of Treasurer. Registration (Free): Members and visitors are welcome, RSVP at Venue: Zoom Link: Event Contact: Further enquiries about this event at [email protected]