Victoria University of Wellington Professor, Bastiaan Kleijn, was recently awarded a 2021 Fellowship by the Academy of the Royal Society of New Zealand for the advances he has made, and continues to make, in his field. Please join us in congratulating Prof. Kleijn on his incredible achievement.

Per the Royal Society: “The way we communicate has changed dramatically over the last 30 years. Bastiaan Kleijn has made a significant impact on the technology we all use daily. Every mobile telephone in the world uses an audio encoder-decoder based on Kleijn’s generalised analysis-by-synthesis principle. He founded a company that provided the enabling audio coding technologies to Skype, the pioneer in internet communications. Recently, he was first in reducing the bit rate required for coding speech by an order of magnitude through generative synthesis. Kleijn has made significant contributions in fields ranging from speech processing through spatial audio to machine learning. Kleijn’s inventiveness and research competence are reflected by more than 75 patents and widely cited work.

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