From Ideas to Startups: Journey in Entrepreneurship

From Ideas to Startups: Journey in Entrepreneurship conducted by IEEE SB FISAT in collaboration with IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter on 7th march, 2024 at Federal Institute of Science And Technology (FISAT), Angamaly. 


The speakers of this session were Ms. Arundhathi Krishna, Program Manager at Tinker Hub, a Social Entrepreneur, and
Ms. Anna Thomas, GET at Danfoss, Co-founder of Luova Foundation. The event started at 7:30 in the evening with Ms. Ann Maria Paul, a student volunteer from IEEE FISAT SB, as the host. Ms. Ansa Antoo, a student volunteer from IEEE 
FISAT SB, gave the opening remarks. Both speakers gave a brief introduction and began the session. Ms. Arundhathi Krishna began the talk by highlighting the journey from student project ideas to successful startups. Ms. Anna Thomas underscored the importance of nurturing these ideas into viable business ventures. Ms. Anna Thomas continued by discussing the crucial aspect of funding for startups, particularly addressing the unique challenges faced by college students entering the entrepreneurial arena. The speakers explored several key aspects of the success of startups. They discussed the significance of market research in validating business ideas. Furthermore, the speakers highlighted the importance of building a strong team, emphasizing complementary skills for a startup’s growth. They also touched upon the essential role of effective marketing and sales strategies in promoting a startup’s products. During the session, the speakers highlighted the opportunities available for aspiring entrepreneurs through programs like the Fab Lab internships and the Kerala Startup Mission. They also emphasized the critical role of customer feedback in the success of startups. The session concluded by shedding light on the risks and challenges in the entrepreneurial journey. Despite these challenges, the speakers encouraged listeners to start their entrepreneurial endeavors. The speakers kept the session interactive by not only entertaining the doubts of the audience but also encouraging them to interact through various questions. The vote of thanks was given by Ms. Anju Augustine, a student volunteer from IEEE FISAT SB. The speaker was given a virtual memento as a sign of love and appreciation.       




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