Empowering Voices: A Leader's Journey On Women's Day

Empowering Voices: A Leader’s Journey On Women’s Day hosted by IEEE SB AJCE in collaboration with IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter on 6th march, 2024 at Amal Jyothi College of Engineering. The event brought together over 50 participants.


The event aimed to celebrate the achievements and stories of women leaders,inspiring the audience with their journeys and contributions to society. Dr. Lillykutty Jacob graced the occasion as the keynote speaker, sharing her valuable insights and experiences. She shared some interesting stories, challenges faced, and lessons learned throughout her career, which mainly encouraged young women to break barriers and strive for excellence in their chosen fields.


The uniqueness of “HER STORY” lies in its focus on celebrating the individual narratives and achievements of women leaders. Unlike typical events, which may emphasize broader themes or topics, this provides a platform for women to share their personal journeys,
challenges, and triumphs. This emphasis on storytelling fosters a deeper connection between speakers and the audience, inspiring empathy, understanding, and empowerment. Additionally, by featuring Dr. Lillykutty Jacob as the keynote speaker, the event offers a distinct perspective and expertise, enriching the discourse and providing valuable insights for attendees.





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