Pro Talks Episode 3: A Walk through Robotics Technologies

The third episode of the Pro-Talks series was held on the 2nd of May, 2024  from 8 pm via Google Meet. Dr. Jisha V.R., Dean of UG Studies and Professor at the Electrical Engineering Department at the College of Engineering, Trivandrum led her 50th talk session outside her workspace on the topic “A Walk through Robotic Technologies“ providing the attendees with a detailed description of multiple concepts known and unknown in the field.

Dr. Jisha kickstarted the session by defining Robotics as a concept, proceeding to illustrate the different types of robots. 

The session then illustrated the purpose of building robots and on what students should focus on as objectives whilst building robots and how important it is to build robots to fulfil the general needs of its stakeholders. 

The audience also received brief insights on simple robotic projects that they could start with which could be a helping hand to dive deep into the field. 

Dr Jisha then proceeded to discuss the evolution of  Robots over the years and Robot Anatomy, with explanations of the various important concepts that form Robotics, such as Robotic Kinematics, Trajectory Planning and so on.

The audience also gained insights into the control of mobile robots. Dr Jisha led the session further to provide an effective platform for the participants to get into depth about the design and development of Mobile Manipulators. 

The session concluded with an interactive question and answer session with the speaker adding vigour to the effectiveness of the session through her simple yet deep explanations for the queries. This was followed by a vote of thanks by Ms Saranya V S and a heartfelt appreciation by Dr Lisha Paul, Chair, of the IEEE Education Society Kerala Chapter for yet another eventful episode.

The uniqueness of the event lies in providing the audience with insights towards various industries, right from its evolution to the future technologies that it looks up to, to encourage its attendees to identify the potential in the field and contribute towards the same, hence enhancing the betterment of the technical world around them.

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