Pro Talks Episode 2: Indian Space Research – A Brief Insight and Career Opportunities

To empower students and professionals within the community about various upcoming opportunities in the industrial world, the IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter conducted the 2nd episode of the Pro Talks series, titled ‘Indian Space Research – A Brief Insight and Career Opportunities.’ 

The second episode of the Pro-Talks series was held on the 4th of April,2024 from 8 pm via Google Meet. The talk session led by Dr. Valsa B, Outstanding Scientist and Former DD, Systems Reliability at VSSC Trivandrum engaged the audience on Ïndian Space Research – a brief insight and its career opportunities.

Dr. Valsa kickstarted the session with a brief introduction to the evolution of the Indian Space Research Organization. The session then continued into the details of the evolution of the Launch vehicles, their designs and the missions that ISRO as an organization has endeavoured within the past years.

The audience also got an opportunity to gain sights into the most anticipated technology – space transportation and its advancements that are underworks currently.

Dr Valsa led the session further to provide an effective platform for the participants to get into depth about the plentiful opportunities that are available in the field of Space Research and how students could kick start their learning to avail the same. 

Dr Valsa concluded the session with a summary and wished the participants a bright future ahead. 

The session concluded with Dr K Kesavaswamy expressing his thoughts and appreciation about the session as to how impactful it was for attendees including both professionals and students. This was followed by a vote of thanks and a presentation of a memento to Dr Valsa as a token of appreciation and gratitude for yet another eventful episode.

Dr K. Kesavasamy, who was also a colleague, expressed how the session was insightful and emphasized that “every field of work is important” as rightfully said by our resource person.

Dr K Keshavaswamy also mentioned how remarkable the session was both personally as well as for the audience.

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