Pro Talks Episode 1: Launch Vehicle Mission Design – Challenges

To empower students and professionals within the community about various upcoming opportunities in the industrial world, the IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter conducted the 1st episode of the Pro Talks series on the 29th of March, 2024 from 8 pm via Google Meet, titled ‘Launch Vehicle Mission Design – Challenges .’ 


The event ProTalks series started with the thought educating Professionals with veteran professionals and giving insight to undergraduate students. The first episode of ProTalks was Launch Vehicle Mission Design – Challenges presented by Dr. S Geetha. The session lead by Dr. S Geetha talked about rocket launch challenges faced, for those hunger to gain insights and knowledge on space and rockets. The session also talked about the possible job opportunities and future path to take for aligning goals related to ISRO.


In total the session was a huge success with proper clarification of doubts and filled the needs of future paths for the participants. 


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