SheInspires - Celebrating Women in STEM

     SheInspires, a Just a Minute video competition was organized by the IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter from   7 –  10 March, 2024, in celebration of International Women’s Day. The event aimed to spotlight the achievements of women role models in STEM. Participants were required to create a one-minute video highlighting the accomplishments of these women. All entries were then posted on the official social media pages of the IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter, creating a platform for public engagement. Winners were selected through a panel of judges and the number of likes each video received on social media. The competition generated interest in the achievements of women in STEM fields. Participants had to research and learn about these women, potentially sparking curiosity and inspiring them or others to pursue STEM careers. Public viewing of the entries on social media further broadened the reach and impact.


     The event stood out from the crowd in three ways. It used a creative one-minute video

format to encourage short, visually engaging stories about women in STEM. Judges and the audience (through video likes) decided the winner, creating a unique system that valued both expert opinion and public interest. Posting all entries on social media made the event interactive and accessible, allowing everyone to learn about these inspiring women and potentially influence the outcome through voting.

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