i5: Ignite Imagination & Inspire Iconic Innovations 2.0

         The i5 2.0 convention, organized by the 6 vibrant Chapters of IEEE Kerala Section, was a three-day event conducted on march 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2024, that served as a platform for innovation and inspiration. This national-level convention, held at Digital University Kerala, featured a diverse range of activities such as workshops, hackathons, competitions, talk sessions, expos, and personality development training. The event aimed to Ignite Imagination and Inspire iconic Innovation among participants, including hardware entrepreneurs and IEEE members.


On the first day of the i5 2.0 convention, a series of engaging events and activities took place at Digital University Kerala. The day commenced with a registration session from 8:30 to 9:30 AM. Following the registration, the event kicked off with an introductory session by Prof. Alex James, the Dean of Academics at Digital University Kerala, who presented on “Grand Challenges in Electronics,” setting the tone for the day’s discussions. The day’s activities included various workshops, hackathons, competitions, talk sessions, expos, and personality development training, offering a diverse range of opportunities for participants to engage and learn. One of the key highlights was the i5-Startup Session. 


On the second day of the i5 2.0 convention, a series of 8 engaging workshops were conducted at Digital University Kerala (DUK) in parallel. These workshops aimed to provide participants with interactive learning experiences and valuable insights into various technical topics. IEEE Education Society  conducted workshop on


  • Role of ML I Google AI Products with Data Analytics by Anees Ahmed and Vyasan J organized by EdSoc Kerala Chapter                                                                                                                                        This workshop explored Machine Learning (ML). Participants learned about the applications of ML, the process involved in creating ML models, and the benefits of ML in areas like e-commerce and autonomous vehicles. The workshop also covered Data Analytics, including data collection, cleaning, and analysis.

 One of the key highlights of Day 3 was the workshop on “Advances in Graphene and 2D” conducted by Prof. Rahul Nair from the University of Manchester . This session delved into the latest advancements in graphene technology, offering participants a deep understanding of the applications and potential of these innovative materials . Prof. Nair’s expertise and insights provided a valuable learning experience for all attendees . 


Additionally, a Ph.D. Forum was organized during the day, featuring Aswani AR from Digital University Kerala and Mr. Sebin Jose from IIITK . This forum provided a platform for aspiring researchers to showcase their work, exchange ideas, and receive feedback from experienced professionals. The interactive nature of the forum encouraged collaboration and knowledge sharing among participants.


As the day progressed, the closing ceremony of the i5 2.0 convention took place, marking the culmination of three days of innovation and inspiration. The ceremony included speeches by Dr. Ajith Ravindran, Dr. Bijuna Kunju, Prof. VK. Damodaran, and Mr. Vasudev S. Mallan, among others. Winners were recognized and prizes were distributed to acknowledge outstanding contributions and achievements. The closing ceremony provided a platform to reflect on the success of the event and express gratitude to all participants, organizers, and sponsors.

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