National Education Policy 2020: Opportunities and Challenges

The IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter and IEEE Kerala Section, in collaboration with Digital University Kerala, organized a transformative workshop focused on the “National Education Policy (NEP 2020): Opportunities and Challenges.” The event took place at Digital University of Kerala, Trivandrum, bringing together educators, policymakers, and experts in the field of education to discuss the implications and implementation strategies of the groundbreaking NEP 2020.


The workshop commenced with an inaugural address by Dr. Saji Gopinath, the Vice-Chancellor of Digital University of Kerala and VC in charge of APJAKTU. Dr. Gopinath set the tone for the event, highlighting the significance of a forward-thinking education policy and its impact on shaping the future of higher education in India.


The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Shakila T Shamsu, Former OSD (NEP), Ministry of Education, Government of India. Dr. Shakila provided a comprehensive overview of NEP 2020, emphasizing its ambitious goals of inclusivity, equity, and holistic education. She delved into the four pillars of NEP 2020 – Access, Equity, Quality, and Affordability, showcasing the policy’s commitment to transforming India into a knowledge superpower.


The core content of the workshop revolved around the necessity for higher education institutions to develop an Institutional Development Plan (IDP) for effective policy implementation. Dr. Shakila highlighted the IDP as a strategic roadmap that involves collaboration among internal and external stakeholders. She emphasized that the IDP, as a living document, requires constant revision and mid-course corrections to align with the institution’s goals and objectives.


Dr. Alex P James, Professor & Dean (Academics) at Digital University Kerala, shared his insights on the practical aspects of implementing NEP 2020. He stressed the importance of technology and digital innovation in achieving the policy’s objectives, particularly in ensuring gender equality in education.


The event also featured Dr. Rajasree M S, Director of Technical Education, Government of Kerala, who provided valuable perspectives on the challenges and opportunities associated with NEP 2020 from the government’s standpoint.


The workshop concluded with a stimulating panel discussion moderated by Dr. Bijuna Kunju, a Professor at TKM College of Engineering. The distinguished panelists engaged in a meaningful dialogue, addressing queries from the audience and offering practical solutions for effective NEP 2020 implementation.


In essence, the workshop served as a catalyst for creating awareness about NEP 2020, empowering educators and students with the knowledge needed to navigate the changing landscape of higher education in India. It fostered collaboration and dialogue, laying the foundation for a collective commitment to realizing the transformative vision outlined in the National Education Policy 2020