Talk on "Reaching for the Stars: Women in Space Science and the Wonders of Space Technology"

In celebration of World Space Week, the IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter conducted the 6th episode of the HerQuest talk series, titled ‘Reaching for the Stars: Women in Space Science and the Wonders of Space Technology.’ This enlightening event, conducted online on October 7th, brought together enthusiasts, students, and professionals to explore the vast realm of space science and technology.

The featured speaker, Er Priya C Kurian, a distinguished Scientist/Engineer of Avionics Entity at VSSC/ISRO, captivated the audience with her profound insights into the basics of space technology. As a trailblazer in the field, she shared her remarkable journey, providing a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs she encountered along the way.

The session went beyond the technical aspects of space science, offering participants a comprehensive understanding of the scope and job opportunities available for aspiring individuals, especially young enthusiasts aspiring to make their mark in the field of space technology. Er Priya C Kurian’s engaging presentation covered a broad spectrum of topics, from satellite technology to the intricacies of spacecraft avionics.

The commemoration of World Space Week through the HerQuest talk series highlighted the importance of encouraging and celebrating the achievements of women in space science. Attendees were inspired not only by Er Priya C Kurian’s technical expertise but also by her personal journey, demonstrating the possibilities and contributions women can make in this dynamic and cutting-edge field.

The event fostered a sense of curiosity and passion for space exploration, encouraging participants to consider the exciting possibilities and career paths within the space science domain. It served as a platform for aspiring space enthusiasts to gain valuable insights from an industry expert and to envision a future where more women play pivotal roles in advancing our understanding of the cosmos.

The 6th episode of the HerQuest talk series was a testament to the commitment of IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter to empower and inspire women in STEM fields, particularly in the fascinating world of space science and technology. The event not only celebrated the achievements of women in the field but also ignited a spark in the next generation of space enthusiasts, encouraging them to dream big and reach for the stars.