STEM.PY: PYTHON POWER UP FOR HIGH SCHOOL AND HIGHER SECONDARY STUDENTS stood out as a comprehensive program offering a blend of online and offline sessions, spanning six online sessions followed by a full-day offline session at NIT Calicut. It provided students with hands-on learning experiences in Python syntax, data structures, and essential libraries like Matplotlib and Pandas. Moreover, the practical project component allowed students to apply their newfound skills to solve real-world problems, making a valuable stepping stone for those interested in computer science, data science, or related fields., a collaborative initiative by IEEE SIGHT Kerala Section, IEEE Education Society Kerala Chapter, and IEEE Student Branch NIT Calicut, aimed to empower high school and higher secondary students with foundational skills in Python programming. The program sought to foster enthusiasm, wisdom, and determination among participants while promoting STEM education. commenced with six engaging online sessions, introducing participants to Python programming concepts, syntax, and data manipulation techniques. These sessions equipped students with the foundational knowledge required to navigate the world of programming effectively. Following the online sessions, the program culminated in a full-day offline session hosted at NIT Calicut.
During the offline session, students delved deeper into Python programming, exploring advanced concepts and practical applications. They received hands-on guidance from experienced mentors and had the opportunity to collaborate with peers, enhancing their learning experience. The practical project segment allowed students to work on real-world projects, applying their Python skills to solve challenges and demonstrate their understanding.
The program was made possible through the support of TryEngineering, a funding agency committed to promoting quality education and fostering innovation. By aligning with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 4 and 9 – Quality Education and Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, respectively, aimed to contribute to the broader societal goals of education and technological advancement. had a significant impact on participants, equipping them with valuable skills and knowledge in Python programming. By providing hands-on learning experiences and practical projects, the program empowered students to explore the world of coding and data manipulation. Furthermore, fostered collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities among participants, preparing them for future academic and professional pursuits in STEM-related fields.

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