Build up your skills and make your going bright

The webinar, featuring Dr. O.T Remadevi as the speaker, is divided into three to four sub-sessions that comprehensively cover various aspects of employability skills and personal qualities. The event is anchored by Aathsha Mehar, who ensures a smooth flow of information and engages the participants. Samanuai introduces Dr. Remadevi, providing background information and establishing the speaker’s expertise. 

The webinar begins with an introductory session that provides participants with an overview of employability skills, both present and future. Dr. Remadevi offers insights into the importance of digital and data literacy, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and creativity in the context of the future job market. The speaker also emphasizes the significance of cooperative skills such as leadership, innovation, and active learning. Social and emotional skills, including stress tolerance, flexibility, and reasoning, are highlighted as essential for future employment. 

Throughout the event, practical tips and strategies are shared to help participants improve their employability skills. Dr. Remadevi focuses on fostering a positive self-concept, enhancing emotional intelligence, and developing critical thinking abilities. The aim is to empower individuals to adapt to the evolving needs of the workforce and succeed in their careers. 

Outcome: By attending the webinar, participants can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the employability skills required in the future job market. They will receive practical guidance on how to enhance their transferable skills, interpersonal skills, problem-solving abilities, self-concept management, lifelong learning, and pressure management. The event also emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive attitude. 

Furthermore, the webinar promotes the development of critical skills such as digital and data literacy, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and creativity. Participants will learn strategies to cultivate these skills and adapt them to their professional lives. The event also highlights the significance of cooperative skills, including leadership, innovation, and active learning, which are essential for future employment opportunities. 

Overall, the outcome of the webinar is to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to enhance their employability and navigate the ever-changing job market successfully. By embracing the insights and tips shared by Dr. Remadevi, participants can develop a strong foundation of skills and qualities to thrive in their careers.