First Episode HerQuest

An expert talk session on “From Passion to Action: My Volunteering Story with IEEE” was organized on International Women’s Day by IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter. Prof. Gayathri Manikutty, STEM and HAC Coordinator, IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter was the speaker for the session. The event began with a warm welcome note by Prof. Reshna S. Following this, the speaker kickstarted the session by introducing herself and speaking on the importance of International Women’s Day. Then a question was raised by her, i.e,  “Why is volunteering important to you?”. A variety of answers were given by everyone including professional members and students which include “to understand cultures, to be aware of humanitarian problems, to network with others, to be self-independent, to build technical skills, etc”. Further, the importance of beneficence was pointed out with the happiness that it provides, the role it plays in reducing stress and improving physical strength, etc. Then a glance through her successful journey on IEEE was explained. She said that it was Kasim sir who helped her with her initial stages and Subheesh Sir also worked together with her in research. Rather than these, she also pointed out that being an active volunteer can indeed make us social, boosts our self-esteem, help a lot in our career and also enhance our mental well-being. Further, she gave examples of the activities and projects that contributed to her professional growth and advancement. LUMEN (Lights for Uplifting Mankind Environment and Nature) was one of the major projects that enhanced her skill in welding, cutting, etc. STEAM for Social Good was also another project which helped her learn about IOT, solve the problem of kids, and ensure happiness among them. D2 Re-B was another project which was based completely on renewable resources and providing drinking water in villages. This indeed helped them to learn about plumbing, concreting, filtration, etc as a part of dealing with its establishment. So, IEEE boosted her self-confidence, technical skill, and her connections with everyone. Finally, a virtual photograph was taken, a feedback form was posted and various queries regarding the session were also addressed. In a nutshell, the talk session was so inspirational and useful for the participants as it created a strong plot on IEEE in each and every attendee’s head and made them aware of the benefits of IEEE in its right sense.

Event Date : 8th March 2023

Registered – 61 

Attended – 67