MATT Offline Training

Membership Development and Execom Training Program

Event Date: 31st July 2022
Resource Persons: Mr. Sarath S, Student Activities Chair of IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter and Mr. Eldho Babu, Electronic Communication Coordinator of IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter.

This session was mainly intended to elevate the participants by giving them professional training in Membership Development and Personal Development. Mr. Sarath addressed the Membership Development session through which he gave the attendees a brief glance into the world of IEEE and IEEE EdSoc. Also as part of the program, he guided the students by giving them an overview of the possibilities and opportunities that IEEE offers in both industries and in academia.
Along with that, Mr. Eldho Babu coordinated an Execom Training with a vision to cultivate leadership and volunteering skills within the participants. He managed an interactive session, where he introduced the key aspects that forms an ideal execom team and trained the students on how to achieve it. Altogether, through these training programs, Mr. Sarath and Mr. Eldho achieved their objective to reform the attendees into independent volunteers and to develop them as dedicated professionals volunteers of IEEE.

Offline workshop on Micropython and IoT

Event Date: 31st July 2022
Trainer: Mr. Harigovind M, Asst. S/M Engineer at TATA Consultancy Services

This event was crafted with a specific objective to elevate the skills of passionate student engineers in the field of IoT. Through this session, Mr. Harigovind trained the attendees on IoT programming using Micropython and gave them a real-world experience of the applications of IoT.

To ensure maximum output from the program, a kit that included all the IoT components to practically test out and a handbook for future reference were provided to all the attendees free of cost for the purpose of development. Using this kit, Mr. Harigovind trained the students and upskilled their caliber in IoT. Utilizing micropython, he guided the attendees on how to properly integrate an IoT device and put it into a real-world application. He also gave a glance into the future scope and possibilities that this offers. So altogether, this session provided the participants with a hands-on experience with the current and future possibilities of IoT programming using micropython.