Workshop: Women Empowerment for Housewives

IEEE Education Society Kerala Chapter organized an offline workshop on ‘Women Empowerment for Housewives’ in association with the IEEE SB CET at the College of Engineering, Trivandrum on 6th August 2022. The session was primarily focused on enlightening the local housewives with the relevant knowledge required for their empowerment. Ward Councilor, Smt. Bindhu inaugurated the event in presence of all the honorable dignitaries. The event was presided over by Dr. V Suresh Babu, Principal of the College of Engineering, Trivandrum, and was felicitated over by Er. A G Hareendralal, Advisor of IEEE Education Society Kerala Chapter. 

Following the inaugural ceremony, sessions on ‘Modes of generation of Electricity – a look into its transmission and distribution’ by Dr. Bindu G R. The session focused on the evolution of electricity in the modern world. She pointed out the importance of electricity by stating real life examples. She said that from the beginning of our life to the end of our life we are dependent on electricity. She shared her knowledge on how Tesla and Newton found out AC and DC and how each of them is of use. 

Dr. V P Mini took ‘An awareness class about the common Electric Appliances used at home’. She explained the working of various daily appliances we use to meet our daily needs. Once people become aware of a particular electrical appliance and its use, they procure it, then it is a matter of adopting them. Different household appliances demand different grades of technology awareness to operate them. She provided many insights on the above-mentioned topics.

Dr. Ashok Kumar came forward and shared his knowledge on the topic ‘Electrical Safety while using Appliances in Home’. While using home appliances it is necessary to follow safety precautions, to avoid the cause of fire or any danger. He pointed out necessary measures to be taken while using electric appliances. Following that a hands-on session on how to use a tester and other demonstrations were also provided.
Dr. N Mayadevi took an ‘Awareness program on Computers, Mobile phones, etc.’ The housewives were introduced to Google workspace and the basic working of a computer. The volunteers along with professors sat along with each participant and taught them how to work on a computer. They were taught to create a mail id of their own and integrate it to their smartphone. Some typing lessons and google pay implementations were also taught.

Dr. R Harikumar shared his insights on ‘Uses of Computers/ Smart Mobile Phones’. He explained why the use of electronic devices like smartphones is a necessity. He mentioned a wide range of applications that we are able to do with the use of such devices.

Through this program, the IEEE Education Society Kerala Chapter took a revolutionary step in uplifting the underprivileged housewives within the state of Kerala and paved the way for a better future.