Talk Session: Master the Art for Master of Ceremony

The talk session on ‘Master the Art for Master of Ceremony’ was organised as part of the Membership Activities & Technical Training (MATT) initiative by the IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter. The event was conducted on Saturday, 9th July 2022 from 07:00 PM IST. Prof. Maya Menon, Design and Publicity Lead, IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter was the facilitator for the session.

To commence with the session, Prof. Maya Menon,  described the basic skills that an emcee or host should possess. She further emphasised the importance of being aware of the responsibilities and meeting the expectations of the public. The importance of being organised and conducting research was also discussed.

A brief description on how to open and give introduction to an event was given. Following this,a basic discussion on the do’s while presenting was  conducted. The duties after the presentation were also discussed. Finally, the idea on how to end a session was given. After all this, attendees also shared their experience of the session.

The session was concluded by 8.00 PM after a virtual photograph session and the query clearing session. The talk session helped the participants to gather all the essentials needed to host an event and organise it in the most efficient manner.