Talk Session: Evaluating Impact of IEEE STEM Initiatives

IEEE Education Society (EdSoc) Kerala Chapter organized a Talk session on Evaluating the Impact of IEEE STEM Initiatives as part of Membership Activities And Technical Training, on 4th July at 7 PM IST. The specific objective of the session is to help the participants gain deeper insights into designing IEEE STEM initiatives with a focus on getting maximum impact.

The event began with a warm welcome note by Prof. Maya Menon, Design and Publicity Lead of IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter. It was followed by the talk session which helped to provide awareness to the participants in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and mathematics) initiatives. The session also covered various tools and procedures to calculate the outcomes and outputs of such initiatives, and whether they are making the desired impact. It also discussed IEEE design principles for STEM program design by providing a sample questionnaire to measure the effect of STEM initiatives.
The talk session was informative and useful for the participants as it could help them to come up with STEM projects and complete them with the desired impact.

The talk session was successful in creating awareness among the participating EdSoc student members on IEEE STEM initiatives and evaluating their impacts. This benefited the cause of MATT in a positive manner.