IEEE Education Society Kerala Chapter (EdSoc KC) organized a webinar session about Outcome-Based Education; The Underlying Threads on 4th December 2021 at 7 p.m IST.
The specific objective of this session is to empower kindred spirits about the ideology of OBE. The session was handled by Mr. Suresh Namboothiri, Chief operating officer of TATA Motors, director of Espoir Technologies.

To commence the event, Ms. Kavya K S MD Coordinator of IEEE EdSoc KC on the behalf of IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter welcomed all the dignitaries who had gathered for the session.
After the welcome address, Ms. Kavya invited Dr.Rajesh Joseph, Conference Activities Chair of IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter to give a brief introduction about the speaker. In his address, Mr. Rajesh shared that Mr. Suresh Namboothiri is working as a Chief operating officer at TATA Motors, director of Espoir Technologies. He received his B Tech in Mechanical Engineering, M Tech in Manufacturing Engineering, and MBA in New Product Development. He interviewed around 1200 candidates all over India and travelled to 22 countries. Mr. Rajesh also adds on Mr. Suresh Namboothiri’s contribution to industrial technologies. He is a specialist in product designing and has 30 years of industrial experience. He was in the team which designed India’s first car Indica and also Toyota, Inova, Honda City. He designed many home appliances and other accessories.

Later Mr. Rajesh Joseph invited the eminent speaker of the session. Accepting the invitation, Mr. Suresh Namboothiri came forward and took part in the session. He gave a detailed session about the topic. C. M Varghese joined the session, shared his experience while interviewing engineering graduates, and made some relevant criticism on the education system and infrastructure of India. After the session, there was a question and answer session.

With the event reaching its conclusion, on behalf of IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter Mr.Rajesh expressed gratitude to the speaker Mr. Suresh Namboothiri and all the dignitaries who were present all through the event even in the middle of busy schedules. He also thanked all the attendees for their constant support. With that, the event concluded.