talk session on 'Artificial Intelligence'

IEEE Education Society (EdSoc) Kerala Chapter in collaboration with the IEEE EdSoc SBC CE Perumon and IEEE SB Musiliar College of Engineering organized a webinar on Artificial Intelligence on November 18, 2021, from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM IST. Dr. Karthikeyan Chittayil, Scientist-E (Retd.) was the speaker for the day. The event was carried out in the presence of prominent members like Chapter Chair – Mr. Varughese CM, Founder Chair – Prof Muhammed Kasim, Chapter Advisor – Dr. C Kesavaswamy, Secretary – Mr. Jithin Krishnan, and many more.

The session was intended to give an insight into the possibilities and aspects of Artificial Intelligence in the modern era. The event began with the welcome note of Ms. Ajmi S, WIE Secretary of IEEE SB CE Perumon. In her address, she welcomed the respected speaker and all the delegates into the session. Followed by that, Ms. Kavya S, MDC of IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter provided a brief introduction about the esteemed speaker, Dr. Karthikeyan Chittayil. With that note, Ms. Kavya invited the esteemed speaker, Dr. Karthikeyan Chittayil, for the session.

In response to the invitation, Dr. Karthikeyan came forward and thanked everyone for the welcome note. Followed by that, he began the session by presenting the agenda for the day. In the note followed, Dr. Karthikeyan gave an overview of AI Systems. Followed by that he explained the various methods that are used by such systems for problem-solving. Further, he gave out a detailed comparison between conventional AI and Neural Networks. To provide more exposure for the participants in the domain of AI, Dr. Karthikeyan pointed out some of the evolutionary methods of AI like Simulated Annealing, Genetic Algorithms, GESA, and many more. In his note, he also pointed out some real-world examples of AI systems, namely Google’s Autonomous Car and many more. Then with an overview of the areas of application of AI, Dr. Karthikeyan concluded his session.

Thanking Dr. Karthikeyan for his valuable words, the session was then opened for Q&A. In response to that, a couple of questions were put forward. Dr. Karthikeyan addressed all the questions with detailed explanations. Followed by that he was thanked once again for his effort and in recognition of that, a virtual memento was provided to him. After that, a virtual photograph of the session was taken.

Following that, Prof. Muhammed Kasim, Founder Chair of the IEEE Education Society Kerala Chapter, came forward for the vote of thanks. In his note, Prof. Kasim thanked Dr. Karthikeyan for his presence and engaging session. In addition to that, he expressed his gratitude to all the delegates and attendees for their active participation. The webinar ended with that thanking note.