the Second Session on "Strategies for High-Quality Research",

IEEE Education Society (EdSoc) Kerala Chapter in collaboration with the Hyderabad Chapter organized the first webinar on the tri-webinar series, on the topic ‘Strategies for High-Quality Research’ on September 19, 2021, from 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm IST. Dr. Manoj BS, Chair of IEEE EMB Society Kerala Chapter and Professor in the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology was the speaker of the day.

The session was intended to give an insight into the strategies for improving the quality of academic research. The event began with the welcome note of Dr. Ushadevi Amma C, Treasurer of IEEE EdSoc Kerala Chapter. In her address, she welcomed the respected speaker and all the delegates into the session. With that note, Dr. Ushadevi invited the esteemed speaker, Dr. Manoj BS, for the session.

In response to the invitation, Dr. Manoj came forward and thanked everyone for the welcome note.  Followed by that, he began the session by presenting the agenda for the day. As a commencement into the session, he gave a brief insight into what High-Quality Research actually is. Further, he provided a glance into what Research Impact is, giving an account of its outcomes, and possibilities. Following that, Dr. Manoj pointed out how research can be molded into high-quality or high-impact research. He mentioned the key factors that make research highly impactful, namely novel approach,  depth of knowledge, and perfect domain. In support of that, he presented some examples of high-quality research with these traits. He further gave a glimpse into the history of researches and pointed out some of the high-quality researches among them. One among them was the research on Raman Effect. With these examples, he explained how one should try to bring Nobel quality in research to make the most out of it.

After that, he introduced a practice that is highly necessary while undertaking research activities, that is, SWO Analysis. In his note, he explained how this analysis can help one to find out the strength, weaknesses, and opportunities of research. Following that, he guided the attendees on how to become a master in a domain while doing research. He pointed out the needs that need to be met to be such a master in any domain, giving an account of real-life examples. He then also presented a comparison of the scenario of typical research and ideal research in India. Following that, he gave an explanation of how mindfulness can help in the creation of high-quality research. He guided the attendees on how to use the unconscious mind and dreams for research. He also pointed out how this can improve the quality of research. With a detailed explanation of this, he concluded his session.

Thanking Dr. Manoj for his valuable words, the session was then opened for Q&A. In response to that, a couple of queries were also put forward by the attendees. Dr. Manoj addressed all the questions with detailed explanations. Followed by that he was thanked once again for his effort and in recognition of that, a virtual memento was provided to him.

Following that, Mr. Saikumar Tara, Secretary of IEEE Education Society Hyderabad Chapter, came forward for the vote of thanks. In his note, Mr. Saikumar thanked Dr. Manoj for his presence and engaging session. In addition to that, he expressed his gratitude to all the delegates and attendees for their active participation. The webinar ended with that thanking note.