The IEEE Biometrics Council supports work in biometric technology by focusing on advancements in the theory, design and application of biometric characterization of human beings based on the physiological and/or behavioral features and traits for: Identification, Identity verification, Authentication, Encryption and Recognition. The Biometrics Council sponsors a number of publications, conferences and events that provide participants the opportunity to publish and collaborate on research, network with colleagues, stay current on news and events, develop standards, and participate in educational activities.

With the diversity of biometric applications in our daily life, increasing attention has been paid to its security and trustworthiness. Many new problems such as deepfakes and adversarial attacks, pose new threats to the existing biometrics. Therefore, we establish Trustworthy Biometrics Webinar, supported by IEEE Beijing Section Biometrics Council Chapter, to provide an international platform for researchers who are concerned about biometric security. We welcome more people from all over the world to join us, to explore more trustworthy biometrics in the future.