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Workshop Series: "Safe and Secure Automotive”

Date : 4th September
Time : 10:00 A M

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Webinar on "Enabling V2X Applications by Leveraging 3GPP 5G Service Platform" On 25th June 2021

works in CTO’s office,
Samsung R&D Institute India Bangalore Pvt. Ltd (SRI-B).
Basavaraj (Basu) has been representing Samsung Electronics for 17+ years’ in mobile communications domain and has taken an active part in application and services standards work in global and regional forums including 3GPP, Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), GSMA and Telecommunications Standards Development Society, India (TSDSI). Basu is currently work item rapporteur for Service Enabler Architecture Layer for Verticals (SEAL), Common API Framework (CAPIF) and specification rapporteur for Mission Critical Data (MCData) in 3GPP. He brought his vast experience in developing applications and services standards expertise and played a key role in accomplishing mission critical communication standards, CAPIF and SEAL specifications and Vehicle- to-everything (V2X) Application Layer Support in 3GPP SA6 working group. Basu is recipient of ”2018 3GPP Excellence Award” which is coveted annual award in 3GPP, presented for outstanding contributions to the technical work. In his career he has secured 30+ internationally granted patents so far. Going forward he is very keen on researching several emerging 5G topics like Smart Factory, Drones, Edge computing, V2X, IoT Messaging.

Webinar Details

The talk titled “Enabling V2X Applications leveraging 3GPP/5G Service Platform” is centred around providing V2X standards related updates from 3GPP and more specifically on the Application Enabler Layers aspects catering to various V2X use cases. The outline of the talk includes V2X application layer use cases and the communication technologies as background, then introduces 3GPP V2X Application Enabler (VAE) Layer positioning within the overall V2X ecosystem and how V2X applications leverage 3GPP 5G Service Platform. The talk concludes with views on the future work for V2X standards evolution, expected within and outside 3GPP.

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