This year the Section ran two competitions, one in each half-year. The competition was divided into “first-papers” and “non-first” papers. The aim of having a “first-paper” category was to give an opportunity to people who were starting off on their publishing careers.

In all, 22 papers were entered into these competitions and the quality of the papers was excellent to amazing.

The judges would like to congratulate the winners and here are the results.

First Half Year

First-Paper Competition

  • First Prize: Phase Grouping in PV-Rich LV Feeders: Smart Meter Data and Unconstrained k-Means
    Angela Simonovska et al
  • Second Prize: An Efficient Boolean Modelling Approach for Genetic Network Inference
    Hasini Nakulugamuwa Gamage et al
  • Third Prize: Dynamically Regulated Initialization for S-system Modelling of Genetic Networks
    Jaskaran Gill et al

Non-First Paper Competition

  • First Prize: Residential PV Settings for MV-LV Networks: A Distributed Three-Phase AC OPF
    Arthur Gonçalves Givisiez et al
  • Second Prize: Model-Free Voltage Calculations for PV-Rich LV Networks: Smart Meter Data & Deep Neural Networks
    Vincenzo Bassi et al
  • Third Prize: Assessment of Conservation Voltage Reduction Capabilities Using Load Modelling in Renewable-Rich Power Systems
    Mir Toufikur Rahman et al

Second Half Year

Non-First Paper Competition

  • First Prize: High-resolution connectomic fingerprints: Mapping neural identity and behavior.
    Sina Mansour et al
  • Second Prize: A New Non-Negative Matrix Co-Factorisation Approach for Noisy Neonatal Chest Sound Separation.
    Ethan Grooby et al
  • Third Prize: An Investigation Into Miniaturised Closed-Loop DBS Devices
    Dean M. Corva et al

The prizes come with a cash award of $300 (First), $200 (Second) or $100 (Third) and a certificate.

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