Dear IEEE Victorian Members,

would you like to take part in our IEEE Google Forms survey ( about the Victorian Government’s consultation on the Scheme to implement the Professional Engineer Registration Act 2019?

From our previous updates, you’d be aware that the Victorian Government has initiated a consultation which ends on the 7th of October.  The Scheme is terribly important because it sets out all of the practical detail on how the Act will work. The Act can’t be changed at the moment (only by Parliament), but the Scheme can have its details changed administratively.

The survey is quite short, but the there is a fair bit of background detail. To make it easier, start with the individual consultation papers and see what you think about these [1]. Then look at the Legislative Council debate [4] which had the best question and answer session. Along the way have a look at the Act [5].

The survey is open until the 29th of September.  Feel free to email us if you have any questions about the survey, Scheme or Act.

Regards, Enn & Les
Enn Vinnal ( and Les Davey (


[1] Consumer Affairs Victoria consultation documents are at

    CAV Consultation kick-off slide pack:
    CAV prepared questions and answers:
    Guidelines on providing professional engineering services:
    Guidelines on direct supervision:
    Practice note on what is a prescriptive service:
    Guidelines on the extra-territorial application of the Act:
    Guidelines on the areas of engineering:
    Scheme fees and exemptions:
    Proposed code of conduct:
    Options discussion paper:

[2] Professional Engineer Registration Bill’s passage through parliament

[3] Legislative Assembly Second Reading, Professional Engineer Registration Bill (page 730)

[4] Legislative Council Third Reading, Professional Engineer Registration Bill (page 28)

[5] Professional Engineers Registration Act:

[6] Consumer Affairs Victoria background information