Congratulations Anu Sabu!

Anu Sabu from IEEE Victorian Section has been appointed into the Region 10 (R10) Young Professionals (YP) Committee, as the ‘Webinar and Training Coordinator’ for 2022.

Her responsibilities in the role include:

  • Work closely with R10 YP membership and events lead coordinator when planning R10 YP events and activities 
  • Plan and execute R10 YP lead and collaborative events, upon request by R10 YP chair and R10 YP membership and events lead coordinator 
  • Coordinate on drafting newsletter articles related events
  • Assist in other R10 YP activities upon request (e.g. participate as a reviewer for award/funding applications)

Anu has been a long time volunteer with IEEE. In Victorian Section, she was earlier the Chair of IEEE Student Branch at University of Melbourne , Student Representative for the Section at the IEEE SYWL Congress 2018, and the SAC (Student Activities Committee) Chair for IEEE Victorian Section in 2019.

Since 2021, she has been volunteering as the Vice-Chair for IEEE YP Victorian Section, and is currently the Chair for IEEE TEMS (Technology and Engineering Management Society) Victorian Section.

Professionally, Anu is currently a third-year PhD student with the Cell-Material Interactions team at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the Bioengineering Research Group at the Swinburne University of Technology.

Her PhD research focuses on engineering reproducible, scalable, and validated 3D cell cultures for neurons in the Peripheral Nervous System using readily available cell lines. These 3D in-vitro constructs will provide an insight into the fundamental response of neural tissues to different biomaterials. This 3D tissue model will provide non-specialists such as biophysicists and engineers with new validated 3D cell culture systems to test their specific research challenges in modelling imaging technologies for real-time monitoring of three-dimensional tissue cultures.

Her research interests include medical devices, neural interfaces, bionic implants, and neuroscience research. She has been regularly involved in medical device hackathons and pitched their product at MedTech’s Got Talent 2016.