The Internet of Things (IoT) is a computing concept where all things, including every physical object, can be connected. With the rapid development and innovation of the Internet of things (IoT), more and more ordinary objects are being connected to networks and the internet through which they can automate tasks, create intelligence, interact with each other, humans and computers by themselves.

To bring recent innovations, development, and activities of Victorian IoT community into limelight, IEEE Victorian section has formed IEEE Vic, IoT community under global IEEE Internet of Things Community. The activities of this community include, but not limited to:

  • Bring Victorian IoT community from all walks together to create a platform for discussing recent IoT innovations and developments for collaboration
  • Organize online technical workshops and tutorials to educate the Victorian community about IoT in the areas such as
  • What is the use of IoT in our everyday life?
  • How to set up an IoT gateway?
  • Recent development in IoT technologies
  • Security and privacy issues of IoT
  • Opensource dashboard to present IoT data
  • Cloud IoT integration
  • Organize and attract flagship IoT conferences in Victoria
  • Where possible, involve and contribute to various IoT regulations, policy, and standards relevant to Victoria

Current Committee of IEEE Victorian IoT Community

ChairGour Karmakar
Vice -chairBiplob Ray
Secretary– Vacant –
TreasureFarzad Khodadadi
Event Organiser and promotion:Adnan Anwar
Academic liaison– Vacant –
Industry liaisonRaja Ravi
Event and Publication ManagerVarun Chandrappa
WebmasterNahina Islam

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