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Voltage and Frequency Control in Renewable-Rich Power Networks

May 26 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm AEST

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IEEE Power Energy Society (PES) Technical Seminar


Speaker: A/Prof. Lasantha Meegahapola, RMIT University)

Power system frequency and voltage control are of paramount importance to maintain power grid stability and security. With the large-scale integration of power electronic converter interfaced renewable power generation into power grids (e.g. wind generation and solar-PV), the conventional strategies to control and maintain system frequency and voltage are becoming inadequate. In some cases, the inadequacy of frequency and voltage control resources in the power grid has led to power system stability problems. Therefore, new strategies should be deployed in power grids to maintain frequency and voltage within acceptable levels stipulated in grid codes/ rules, such as by employing advanced control schemes in power electronic converter interfaced renewable generators (e.g. fast frequency response). This presentation will cover both the depth and breadth of aspects of power system frequency and voltage control in renewable rich power grids, including electricity market aspects related to frequency and voltage control.